PROJECT TITLE : Immunological changes and neurodegeneration in colchicine induced rat model of Alzheimer’s disease
[PI : Prof. Tusharkanti Ghosh]
[Department : Physiology]
PROJECT TITLE : Stochastic optimization based approach towards optimal control in dissociative dynamics of small molecules
[PI : Prof. Pinaki Chaudhury]
[Department : Chemistry]
PROJECT TITLE : Evaluation of Molecular Marker(s) and Therapy by Multi-targeted Drugs for Parkinson’s
Diseases in Paraquat-induced mice model
[PI : Prof. Nilkanta Chakrabarti]
[Department : Physiology]
PROJECT TITLE : Screening of arsenic tolerant and sensitive rice (Oryza sativa L.) cultivars grown in the arsenic contaminated soil of West Bengal on the basis of tolerance, growth and metabolism
[PI : Prof. Asok Kumar Biswas]
[Department : Botany]
PROJECT TITLE : Relevance of Adiponectin Metabolism in type 2 diabetes; A biochemical and genetic perspective
[PI : Prof. Maitree Bhattacharyya]
[Department : Biochemistry]
PROJECT TITLE : Decoding the Genetics of Host-Parasite Interaction during Erythrocyte Invasion by
Plasmodium falciparum in Human malaria
[Sanghamitra Sengupta]
[Department : Biochemistry]
PROJECT TITLE : Governance of Urban Periphery: A Case Study of Contemporary Kolkata
[Sarani Khatua]
[Department : Centre for Urban Economic Studies]
PROJECT TITLE : Biosurfactant production from waste oils by microbes
[PI : Dr. (Ms.) Sriparna Datta]
[Department : Chemical Technology]
PROJECT TITLE : R.S and G.I.S application in spatial dynamics of agriculture and industry along Sealdah-Maldah Transact, West Bengal
[PI : Prof. Kanan Chakrabarti (Chatterjee)]
[Department : Geography]
PROJECT TITLE --- Modeling And Analysis Of Single Mode Fiber Raman Gain Amplifiers With Tellurite Base And Subwavelength Diameter Optical Fibers And Comparison With Conventional Fiber Characteristics
[Prof. Somenath Sarkar]
[Formerly UGC Emeritus Fellow]
[Department of Electronic Science]
PROJECT TITLE ---- Genetic diversity among genotypes and molecular linkage map construction in sesame (Sesamum indicum L.)
[PI : Tapash Dasgupta]
[Department : Genetics and plant Breeding (Agriculture)]
PROJECT TITLE ---- Anti arthritic potential of krait venom:An experimental study
[PI : Antony Gomes]
[Department : Physiology]
PROJECT TITLE ---- Role of Polyphenols during somatic embryogenesis and expression of
polyphenol oxidase gene in Plantago ovata Forsk, during development
[PI : Dr. Sarmistha Raychaudhuri]
[Department : Biotechnology]
PROJECT TITLE ---- Studies on two phase gas liquid (Newtonian and Non-Newtonian) flow through piping
components coils and flow phenomena using CFD technique
[PI : Dr. S. K. Das]
[Department : Chemical Engineering]
PROJECT TITLE ---- Diversity and Dynamics of Fish and Macroinvertebrates of Teesta River and its tributaries in West Bengal
[PI : Prof. (Dr.) Sumit Homechaudhuri]
[Department : Zoology]
PROJECT TITLE ---- Production of fatty acid derivatives as components of biolubricants
[PI : Dr. Debarati Mitra]
[Department : Chemical Technology]
PROJECT TITLE --- Characterization, Localization and Expressions of Toll like Receptors (2, 4, 6) in Thymic, Splenic and Lymph node Lymphocytes and Macrophages of Swiss albino mice and their Role in Staphylococcus aureus Infection
[PI: Prof. Biswadev Bishayi
Department : Physiology]
PROJECT TITLE -- Cytological and Molecular evaluation of different genotypes of Tabernaemontana divaricata (l.)
R.Br. Ex Roem. & Schult. and micropropagation for conservation
[PI: Prof. Sandip Mukhopadhyay
Department : Botany]
PROJECT TITLE -- Evaluation of plants extracts on sex reversal and growth of Nile tilapia
[PI: Dr. Suman Bhusan Chakraborty
Department : Zoology]