University Halls and Hostels

There are 16 Halls & Hostels under the University of Calcutta providing accommodation to about 1550 students studying in the University Colleges of Arts, Commerce, Science ,Technology and Law and also the Undergraduate students of the colleges as well as men research scholars/fellows of the University. Management of Halls/Hostels is executed by Board of Residence, as advisory body of the University of Calcutta.

List of University Halls/Hostels

Sl. No. Name and Address of the Halls / Hostels Name of the Superintendent Phone No.
01 P.G. Men Students' Hall
165/1, South Sinthee Road, Kolkata-700050
Sri Anjanava Kushari 9614261788
02. P.G. Lady Students' Hall 
24 &25, Beadon Row, Kolkata-700006
Smt. Mami Paul 9836012887
03. U.G. Lady Students' Hall
17, Radhanath Bose Lane, Kolkata-700006
Smt. Jahanara Begum 9474785648
04. New Law College Hostel
14, Bidhan Sarani, Kolkata-700006
Sri Sanjoy Dey 9474983694
05. P.G. Men Students' Hall
1, Vidyasagar Street, Kolkata-700009
Sri Koushik Chatterjee 8017646164
06. Research Scholars Hostel
92, A. P. C. Road, Kolkata-700009
Sri Monotosh Gayen 7407887589
07. Carmichael Hall
51, Baithakkhana Road, Kolkata-700009
Sri Kabi Sekhar Mistri 9477773447
08. Carmichael Hall (Annex)
51, Baithakkhana Road, Kolkata-700009
Sri Amit Mazumder 9232349785
09. P.G. Lady Students’ Hall
56 & 58, M.G. Road, Kolkata-700009
Smt. Mita Ghosh 9474882361
10. P.G. Men Students’ Hall
7, Waliullah Lane, Kolkata-700016
Sri Niranjan Jana 7063649557
11. P.G. Men Students’ Hall
35, B.C. Road, Kolkata-700019
Sri Purna Chandra Naskar 8116388614
12. P.G. Men Students’ Hall
49/1, Hazra Road, Kolkata-700019
Sri Pritish Mallik 8420845747
13. New Lady Students’ Hall
Hastings House Compound, Kolkata-700027
Smt. Susmita Sinha 9674278865
14. Hironmoyee Chhatribhaban
53/2/4A, Hazra Road, Kolkata-700019
Smt. Papiya Sen 8017105782
15. P.G. Lady Students’ Hall
Hastings House Compound, Kolkata-700027
Smt. Keya Bhaduri 9474710083
16. Vidyasagar Chhatriniwas
Hastings House Compound, Kolkata-700027
Smt. Sabita Mandal 9051233673

The Carmichael Hall is reserved for Muslim students only ( both undergraduate and post graduate students). The undergraduate Halls namely i) Vidyasagar Chhatrinivas is attached to the Viharilal Home Science Campus and ii) U.G.Lady Students’ Hall is open to lady students of any University of Calcutta affiliated college in the city of Kolkata which has no hostel of its own. Only paid research scholars of the University conducting male research work leading to a doctoral degree are eligible for Research Scholars’ Hostel.”