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Choice Based Credit System (UG)

11-11-22 Some amendments in the syllabus for Bio-Chemistry (Honours & General) under CBCS
7-11-22 New amended syllabus for "History of Art" taught at the Semester-7 (DSE 7.1 & DSE 7.2) & Semester-8 (DSE 8.1 & DSE 8.2) as the common paper for all Disciplines of four-year U .G. Courses of Studies in BFA under CBCS
7-11-22 Some corrections in the code names of SEC & DSE papers of Botany (Honours & General) syllabus under CBCS
7-11-22 Some amendments in the code names of SEC papers in the syllabus for Microbiology (General) under CBCS
7-11-22 Some amendments in the code names of DSE papers of Psychology (Honours) syllabus, taught at semester - 5 & 6 under CBCS
8-4-22 New revised syllabus for "Bio-Mathematics and Boolean Algebra & Automata Theory", Semester-5 of Mathematics (Honours) under CBCS
23-3-22 Amendments in Project Work in the syllabus of Computer Science (Honours), Semester- 6 under CBCS
17-3-22 New revised Syllabus for the Women's Studies (General) under CBCS
17-3-22 Some amendmasents in the Syllabus for SEC-B-2 & CC-8 of Sanskrit (Honours) courses of studies under CBCS
25-2-22 Some amendments for SEC papers in the Syllabus of Physiology (General) taught at the Semester- 3,4,5 & 6 (vide notification CSR/12/18 dt. 04.6.2018) of three-year U.G. Courses of Studies under CBCS
23-2-22 New revised syllabus of SEC-A taught at semester- 3/5 of Journalism & Mass Communication (General) courses of studies under CBCS
23-2-22 The modalities for semester- 4 & 6 of three-year Sanskrit (Honours & General) courses of studies under CBCS
23-2-22 The modalities and additional reading list for the various papers pertaining to the syllabus of English (Hons. & Genl.) courses of studies (Vide CSR/12/18, dt. 04.06.2018) under CBCS
21-2-22 New revised syllabus of French (Honours/General) in U.G. Course of Studies under CBCS
27-12-21 Option regarding DSE papers of Physiology (Honours) Courses under CBCS [Notification No. CUS/96(Cir.)/21]
3-9-21 Instruction/ Modalities for practical examinations of paper SEC 6.1 Chg, taught at 6th semester of B. Com. (Honours/ General) Courses of Studies under CBCS
26-7-21 Some amendments of syllabus of ECO-A-CC5-12-TH-TU (Indian Economy) of Economics (Honours) Courses of Studies under CBCS (vide CSR/12/18, dt. 04.6.2018)
5-7-21 Some amendments made in the DSE papers along with inclusion of Project Work in Group- B, of DSE paper taught at the semester-5 and semester- 6 of Microbiology (Honours) Courses of Studies under CBCS
5-7-21 Question Pattern for DSE of History (Honours/ General) & Islamic History & Culture (Honours/ General) Courses of Studies under CBCS
21-6-21 Inclusion of GST along with question pattern in the existing syllabus of DSE 6.1 T, semester- 6 of B.Com (Honours/ General) Courses of Studies (vide CSR/26/17, dt. 26.2017) under CBCS
21-6-21 Question patterns for CC-12 and CC-13 of Education (Honours) and certain amendments of CC-13, CC-14 and SEC-A of Education (Honours/General) courses of studies under CBCS
21-6-21 Modalities for semester-5 examination of three year B.A. (Honours/ General) courses of studies in Sanskrit under CBCS
21-6-21 Certain amendment in the Syllabus of Journalism & Mass Communication (Honours/ General) Courses of Studies (Vide CSR/12/18 dt. 04.6.2018) under CBCS
21-6-21 Modalities of evaluation for the Dissertation/ Project of DSE papers, taught at semester- 5 & 6 of three year Botany (Honours) Course of Studies (vide. CSR/12/18 dt. 04.6.18) under CBCS
21-6-21 Question Pattern for Theoretical Examinations of Core Course (CC), Discipline Specific Elective (DSE) and Skill Enhancement Course (SEC) of Sociology (Honours/ General) Courses of Studies under CBCS
12-3-21 Amendments in the syllabus of Skill Enhancement Elective Courses (SEC) pertaining to the Semester- 3 & 4 of Philosophy (Honours) and Semesters- 3, 4, 5, 6, of Philosophy (General) Courses of Studies under CBCS
2-3-21 Question Pattern for Skill Enhancement Courses (SEC) of Geography (Honours/General) under CBCS
2-3-21 Question Pattern for Skill Enhancement Courses (SEC) and Discipline Specific Elective (DSE) of Social Science (General) under CBCS
8-2-21 Amendments in the syllabus of Physics (Honours/General) courses of studies under CBCS
20-1-21 The correct syllabus of DSE (Group-B) of Food & Nutrition (Honours)
11-2-20 Amendment in the syllabus of Unit-4 of SEC-A (Semester-3) B.A. (Honours/General) Courses of Studies in Education under CBCS
11-2-20 Marks Distribution of Skill Enhancement Courses (SEC) and Discipline Specific Elective (DSE) for Education (Honours/General) Courses of Studies under CBCS
3-2-20 'Question Pattern' for Skill Enhancement Courses (SEC) and Discipline Specific Elective (DSE) of Human Development (Honours/General) Courses Studies under CBCS
27-1-20 Some amendment in the Syllabus for Environmental Science (Honours) under CBCS
16-1-20 Question Pattern for Skill Enhancement Courses (SEC) and Discipline Specific Elective (DSE) of Arabic and Persian (Honours/General) Courses of Studies under CBCS
16-1-20 Question Pattern for Skill Enhancement Courses (SEC) of Anthropology (Honours/General) Courses of Studies under CBCS
16-1-20 Question Pattern for Skill Enhancement Courses (SEC) of B.Sc. (Honours/General) Courses of Studies in Statistics under CBCS
14-1-20 Amendment in the syllabus of SEC-B, Semester-4 of Mathematics (Honours) under CBCS
14-1-20 Amendments of semester- 3 syllabus of B.A. in Sanskrit (Honours & General) under CBCS
14-1-20 Question Pattern for all courses (CC, DSE, SEC) of semester wise three-year UG Courses of Studies in Physics (Honours/ General)
14-1-20 Some amendments in the Syllabus of semester wise three-year B.Sc. courses studies in Physiology (Honours) under CBCS
26-12-19 B.Com. (Hons.& General) Semester-V (Under CBCS) Exam - 2019
16-12-19 B.Com. (Hons.& General) Semester-V (Under CBCS) Exam - 2019
11-12-19 Revised course syllabus for 4-year 8-semester B.Tech course of Study in Chemical Technology
18-11-19 Schedule of Practical/Tutorial Examination for B.A./B.Sc.(Honours/General) B.A./B.Sc./B.Com.(Major) Semester-I Examination,2019 (Under CBCS Curriculum)
18-11-19 B.Com. (Hons. & General) Semester- I Examination, 2019
18-11-19 B.A./B.Sc./B.Com (MAJOR) Semester-I Examination, 2019
18-11-19 B.A./B.Sc. (General) Semister-I Examination, 2019
18-11-19 B.A./B.Sc. (Honours) Semester - I Examination, 2019
18-11-19 B.A./B.Sc./B.Com (MAJOR) Semester-III Examination, 2019
18-11-19 B.Com. (Hons. & General) Semester- III Examination, 2019
18-11-19 B.A./B.Sc. (General) Semester-III Examination, 2019
18-11-19 B.A./B.Sc. (Honours) Semester - III Examination, 2019
18-11-19 B.Com. (Hons. & General) Semester- V Examination, 2019
14-11-19 Revised syllabus of B.Sc. Physics (Honours/ General) under CBCS
7-11-19 Syllabi of Bachelor of Fine Arts (4 year) in the Department wise papers from Semester-3 to Semester-8
28-9-19 New revised Syllabi of B.Sc. (Honours/ General) in Computer Science under CBCS
25-9-19 Admission & Examination Regulation for the four-year (eight semesters) B.F.A. (Honours) course of study under CBCS
24-9-19 Some amendment in the paper Data Analysis Syllabus of semester-III for Economics (Honours) under CBCS
17-9-19 Corrigendum of the Modalities for the CBCS syllabus of Sanskrit (Honours/ General)
15-9-19 New revised syllabus for the B.Sc. Course of Studies in Biochemistry (Honours/ General) under CBCS
13-9-19 Some amendments to the Syllabus of B.Sc. (Honours/ General) Courses of Studies in Chemistry under CBCS
13-9-19 Amendments of Skill Enhancement Courses (SEC) in the Existing Syllabus for three-year semester wise B.A. (Honours) course of Study in Philosophy under CBCS
13-9-19 Some amendments in the syllabus in History (General) and in Islamic History & Culture (Honours) course of studies under CBCS
12-9-19 Amendments of the existing Syllabus for three-year semester wise B.B.A. (Honours) course of study under CBCS
12-9-19 Some amendments of the Syllabus for three-year semester wise B.Sc. (General) courses of studies in Molecular Biology under CBCS
12-9-19 Question Pattern "for Skill Enhancement" Course (SEC) for three-year semester wise courses of studies in History and Islamic History & Culture (IHC)under CBCS
12-9-19 Amendments of the existing "Admission and Examination Regulations" for three-year semester wise B.B.A. (Honours) course of study under CBCS
12-9-19 New revised syllabus for the B.A. Courses of Studies in Communicative English (Major) under CBCS
14-8-19 The Broad Guidelines on the Skill Enhancement Course for the B.A. (Honours/General) course of studies in Political Science under CBCS
9-8-19 Modalities of Semester-III Examination as per the CBCS syllabus of Sanskrit (Honours/General)
20-5-19 Some amendments in the existing syllabus for the three-year B.Com. (Honours/ General) course of study under CBCS
20-5-19 Some amendments in the existing Admission and Examination Regulations for the three-year B.B.A. (Honours) course under CBCS
17-5-19 Some amendments in the existing syllabus for the three-year B.A. (Honours) Course of study in English under CBCS
15-5-19 Revised modalities for B.A./ B.Sc. Mathematics (General) course of study under CBCS
15-5-19 Revised modalities for B.A./B.Sc. Mathematics (Honours) course of study under CBCS
13-5-19 Modalities for examinations of Semester-II, III and IV for semester wise three-year B.B.A. (Honours) under CBCS
16-4-19 Notification No. CSR/10/19
Eligibility of discollegiate UG/PG students of a semester under CBCS
16-4-19 Notification No. CSR/09/19, Dt. 10th April, 2019
Corrections : existing syllabus of paper CMS-A-CC-2-3-P for Semester-II, B.Sc. Computer Science (Honours)
29-3-19 New "Modalities" for Internal Tutorial examinations of Bengali courses of studies under CBCS
14-3-19 Modalities of Semester-II Examination as per the CBCS syllabus of Sanskrit (Honours/General)
22-2-19 Notification (No. CSR/04/19)
[Revised syllabus 7th Semester B.Tech. in Information Technology course of study]
19-2-19 Notification (No. CSR/05/19)
[Revised Regulations and Curriculum of First Year (4-year 8-Semester) B.Tech. Courses]
4-2-19 Notification (CUS/8(a)(Cir.)/19 Dt. 4th February) --- U.G. Councils
[Regulations of CBCS Curriculum UG & PG Studies are now available at University Sales Counter]
15-1-19 Revised syllabi of B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering
14-1-19 Revised syllabus of B.Sc. (Major) course of study in "Industrial Fish & Fisheries" under CBCS
26-12-18 Reference No. CUS/526/18 Dated 28th November, 2018
[Direct and Indirect Taxes of Semester wise B.Com. (Honours & General) under CBCS]
29-11-18 Notification No. CSR/56/18
[Regulations of 5-years B.A. LL.B./B.A. LL.B (Honours) course under Choice Based Credit System (CBCS)]
22-11-18 Notification No. CSR/106/18
[Some amendments in the Admission and Examination Regulations for Semester wise three year B.A./B.Sc./B.Mus (Honours/General) courses of studies under CBCS system]
31-10-18 Model Questions for Internal Examination and Tutorial Examination for both Honours and General Courses of Studies in Persian
27-10-18 Notice (No. DR/19/2018/DM     Date: 26-10-18)
[Registration of undergraduate students under CBCS]
29-8-18 Notification No. CSR/83/18 Dt. 29th August
[Amendments --- Three-year B.A. (Honours) course of study in English under CBCS]
21-8-18 Amendments --- 1st and 2nd Semester Syllabus of B.Sc. Computer Science (Honours)
8-8-18 Undergraduate Syllabus --- Bengali (Honours, General, LCC2, AECC1)
25-7-18 Notification No. CSR/22/18 Dt. 25th July, 2018
[French Syllabus (Honours) Under Choice Based Credit System]
20-7-18 Undergraduate Syllabus --- Urdu (Honours, General, LCC2, AECC1)
3-7-18 3 Year B.A./B.Sc. (Honours) in Library and Information Studies Under CBCS
19-6-18 Undergraduate Syllabus --- Persian (Honours & General)
18-6-18 Undergraduate Syllabus --- Industrial Fish and Fisheries- IFFV (Major)
18-6-18 Undergraduate Syllabus --- French (General)
18-6-18 Undergraduate Syllabus --- Social Science (General)
15-6-18 Undergraduate Syllabus --- Sericulture - SRTV (Major)
14-6-18 Undergraduate Syllabus --- Arabic (Honours & General)
14-6-18 Undergraduate Syllabus --- Tourism & Travel Management TTMV (Major)
14-6-18 Undergraduate Syllabus --- Advertising sales promotion & sales management - ASPV (Major)
13-6-18 Undergraduate Syllabus --- Human Development (Honours & General)
13-6-18 Undergraduate Syllabus --- Food and Nutrition (Honours & General)
13-6-18 Undergraduate Syllabus --- Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A) (Honours)
12-6-18 Undergraduate Syllabus --- Film Studies (General)
11-6-18 Undergraduate Syllabus --- Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) (Honours)
11-6-18 Undergraduate Syllabus --- Computer Application (CMAV) (Major)
8-6-18 Undergraduate Syllabus --- Sanskrit (Honours & General)
7-6-18 Undergraduate Syllabus --- Clinical Nutrition and dietetics CNDV (Major)
7-6-18 Undergraduate Syllabus --- Physiology (Honours & General)
7-6-18 Undergraduate Syllabus --- Mol. Biology (General)
7-6-18 Undergraduate Syllabus --- Bachelor of Fashion and Apparel Design (B.F.A.D) (Honours)
7-6-18 Undergraduate Syllabus --- Physical Education (General)
7-6-18 Undergraduate Syllabus --- Home Science Extension Education (General)
7-6-18 Undergraduate Syllabus --- Geography (Honours & General)
7-6-18 Undergraduate Syllabus --- Communicative English (Major)
7-6-18 Undergraduate Syllabus --- B. Music (Honours & General) and Music (General)
7-6-18 Undergraduate Syllabus --- Economics (Honours & General)
7-6-18 Undergraduate Syllabus --- Women Studies (General)
6-6-18 Undergraduate Syllabus --- Sociology (Honours & General)
6-6-18 Undergraduate Syllabus --- Political Science (Honours & General)
6-6-18 Undergraduate Syllabus --- Philosophy (Honours & General)
6-6-18 Undergraduate Syllabus --- Journalism and Mass Communication (Honours & General)
6-6-18 Undergraduate Syllabus --- Human Rights (General)
6-6-18 Undergraduate Syllabus --- Hindi (Honours,General, LCC2, AECC1)
6-6-18 Undergraduate Syllabus --- Islamic History (Honours & General)
6-6-18 Undergraduate Syllabus --- History (Honours & General)
6-6-18 Undergraduate Syllabus --- Education (Honours & General)
6-6-18 Undergraduate Syllabus --- English (Honours, General, LCC1, LCC2, AECC1)
6-6-18 Undergraduate Syllabus --- Electronics (Honours & General)
6-6-18 Undergraduate Syllabus --- Zoology (Honours & General)
6-6-18 Undergraduate Syllabus --- Statistics (Honours & General)
6-6-18 Undergraduate Syllabus --- Psychology (Honours & General)
6-6-18 Undergraduate Syllabus --- Physics (Honours & General)
6-6-18 Undergraduate Syllabus --- Microbiology (Honours & General)
6-6-18 Undergraduate Syllabus --- Mathematics (Honours & General)
6-6-18 Undergraduate Syllabus --- House Hold Art (General)
6-6-18 Undergraduate Syllabus --- Geology (Honours & General)
5-6-18 Undergraduate Syllabus -- Environmental Studies (AECC2)
5-6-18 Undergraduate Syllabus --- Environmental Science (Honours & General)
5-6-18 Undergraduate Syllabus --- Defence Studies (General)
5-6-18 Undergraduate Syllabus --- Computer Science (Honours & General)
5-6-18 Undergraduate Syllabus --- Botany (Honours & General)
5-6-18 Undergraduate Syllabus --- Chemistry (Honours & General)
5-6-18 Undergraduate Syllabus --- Biochemistry (Honours & General)
5-6-18 Undergraduate Syllabus --- Anthropology (Honours & General)
30-5-18 Some amendments in the Examination Regulations for B.Com. (Honours & General) courses of study under CBCS
30-5-18 Admission and Examination Regulations for the three year (six semester) in B.F.A.D.(Honours) under CBCS
30-5-18 Admission and Examination Regulations for the four year (eight semester) in Bachelor of Fine-Arts (B.F.A.) course of study under CBCS
30-5-18 Admission and Examination Regulations for semester wise three year B.B.A. (Honours) course of study under CBCS
7-5-18 Admission and Examination Regulations for Semester wise Three year B.A. / B.Sc. / B.Mus. (Honours/General) courses of studies under Choice Based Credit System (CBCS)
7-5-18 Admission and Examination Regulations for Semester wise Three year B.A. / B.Sc. / B.Com. (Major) courses of studies under Choice Based Credit System (CBCS)
14-9-17 New revised Examination Regulation for semesterised three-year B.Com. (Honours and General) Courses of Studies under CBCS
26-5-17 New Course Structure & Syllabi and revised Admission Regulations for the B.Com. (Honours and General) courses