Academic Departments University of Calcutta


Year of Establishment : 1991 Department/ 1978 centre

History of the department : The Centre was created as an Area Studies Centre with special focus on South and Southeast Asia. The nodal countries for research were Bangladesh, Myanmar and Philippines. The popularity of the centre far exceeded the expectations of the University. In 1991 the Centre was converted into a full-fledged department offering MPhil and PhD degrees. The demand for those degrees prompted the University to begin two year MA courses from 2003.

Special award/ recognition from UGC or related statutory body : The department houses a Centre of South and Southeast Asian Studies which is recognized and funded by UGC.


Faculty Members :
Name Designation Area of Specialization E - Mail
Prof. Paula Banerjee
Professor History, Politics, International Relation & Gender Studies
Prof. Lipi Ghosh
Professor & HOD History
Prof. Raja Gopal Dhar Chakraborti
Professor Economics & Demography
Dr. Madhurima Chowdhury
Assistant Professor Human Rights
Guest faculties members :
Name Designation Qualifications Email/Phone number
Dr. Karabi Mitra Associate Professor M.A., Ph.D.

Dr. Bhaswati Mukhopadhyay Assistant Professor M.A., Ph.D.
Visiting faculty members :
Name Institution attached with Period of appointment
Dr. James Gomez, Associate Dean School of Communications Arts, Bangkok University & Executive Director , Asia Centre ( Bangkok , Thailand)  22 February to 6 th March 2016

Courses :

Programme Level of Study Eligibility Intake Capacity
 M.A Two years Honours in History, Gegraphy,Economics,
Pol sc,Sociology,Anthropology
M. Phil Two years M.A in History, Gegraphy,Economics,
Pol sc,Sociology,Anthropology
Ph.D   M.A in History, Gegraphy,Economics,
Pol sc,Sociology,Anthropology


Research Scholars :
Name Research Topic Name of Supervisor Date of Registration
Bhaswati Mukhopadhyay Cultural Interaction BetweenIndiaand Siam: A Study of Visnu Images in the Art of Dvaravati. Prof. Lipi Ghosh 15-06-2012
Chayanika Banerjee Paul The Growth and Socio- Economic impact of channel Television in West Bengal in the Context of the Whole Country Prof. Rajagopal Dhar Chakraborti 02-01-2012
Debasmita Chaki Illegal Migration from Bangladesh to India: A comparative study of the Development of Border Districts with the other Districts of West Bengal. Prof. Rajagopal Dhar Chakraborti&Prof Paula Banerjee 25-06-2013
Hirojyoti Khan Jiaur Rahaman: Senanibas Theke Bangabhaban: Bangladesher Rajnitite Samarikikaraner Itihas (1975-80) Prof.Asish kr Roy 22-04-2014
Kamalika Bhowmick An enquiry into the state of Maternal Health in West Bengal and Bangladesh from Analysis to strategy Prof. Rajagopal Dhar Chakraborti 15-06-2012
Kanokwan Jayadat Culture, People and Religion:
A Study of Transitional Cultural Process of the Ahoms of Assam.
Prof. Lipi Ghosh 25-03-2014
Kanu Halder Swadhinata-Uttarporbe
BangiyoSamaje Matuader Rajnaitik Jagaron EbongUttaran(1947Theke2011
er Dashak)
Prof. Lipi Ghosh 08-07-2014
Mihir Shakhar Bhonsale Ethnicity,Nation,Identity:
A studyof Thai Khamtis in North-East India.
Prof. Lipi Ghosh 13-08-2015
Payel Mitra Tarasankar Bandyopadhyayer Upanyase Samajik o Rajnaitik
Prof.Parimal Ghosh 17-10-2012
Payel Dutta Prak Swadhinata Theke Uttar Swadhinata, Bangla Chalachitray Abhinetripesar Bibartan (1930-1960Er Dashak) Prof.Paula Banerjee 22-09-2014
Pankaj kumar Mondal PaschimbangerTaposhili Jatir Kramobibartan O Bartaman Abastha (1991-2011) Prof. Rajagopal Dhar Chakraborti 16-03-2015
Rupa Biswas Paschimbanger Sikshakshetre Adibasi Nari (1993-2013) Prof. Rajagopal Dhar Chakraborti 18-06-2013
Rituparna Ray Chowdhury The British and Their inner
World in South and South East Asia: A survey of colonial Domesticity in India, Burma and Malaya 1860-1940
Prof. Lipi Ghosh,Prof.Parimal Ghosh 08-07-2014
Rajat Kanti Sur Swadhinata- uttarparbe kolkatar sang:Nimnabarger Sanskritik Bibartaner EK Kahani(1947-1990Er Dashak) Prof.Parimal Ghosh 15-06-2012
Sarbasree Bandyopadhyay Binsha Shatabdir Aitihasik Prekshit o Bhabnay Ubhay
Banglar Chalachchitre “Swatantra Nari”-R Unmesh:
Ekti Parjalochana .
Prof. Lipi Ghosh 18-08-2015
Sreya Sen Gender, climate induced displacement and agency in Bengal and Bangladesh. Prof.Paula Banerjee 25-06-2013
Shohini Chakraborti The political Economy of Drinking water in South Asia: A Case Study on Kolkata. Prof. Rajagopal Dhar Chakraborti 18-06-2013
Sumit Ganguly Banglar cricket o Samajik Paribartaner Abhimukh, 1970 theke 2007. Prof.Parimal Ghosh 15-06-2012
Sanghbida Lahiri Bangler Chattroandolon
&Rajnaitik Barga Nirman-1905-1935
Prof.Paula Banerjee 25-06-2013
Sujit Kumar Sasmal Bangaleer Biplabbade Shareer Charcha O Dharmer Bhumika. Prof. Rajagopal Dhar Chakraborti 25-06-2013  
Sutapa Bhattacharyya Gender and Partition in the East : Calcuttaand Dhaka 1947-1967 Prof.Paula Banerjee 22-09-2014
Sukanya Bhattacharyya Bhamjamanar PrastutiParba:BisherDasak thekeSattarer Dasak Prof.Parimal Ghosh 22-09-2014
Somali Bhattacharyya Negotiating Erasure:Marginalization of the Polarized in Dhaka &Kolkata Prof.Paula Banerjee 30-01-2015
Collaborations :
  • State University of New York, Oswego
  • India – China Institute, New School, New York
  • Jadavpur University, Kolkata.
  • Oldenburg University, Germany
  • Rabindrabharati University, Kolkata
  • International Association for Asian and Pacific Studies
  • Mahanirban Calcutta Research Group
Thrust areas in teaching and research of the academic department/ centre :
  • European marriage pattern: The Asian Relevance – a study in the Trends in Nuptiality and Fertility in selected Asian Countries (RGDC)
  • Urbanisation and Population Aging: The Present and Future Implication: A Study of senior citizens of India and Southeast Asia (RGDC)
  • Reproductive Behaviour of the Adolescents: A Comparative ICAP study of India and Thai societies (RGDC)
  • A Comparative Study of the Population Policies in South & Southeast Asian countries (RGDC)
  • Youth, Demographic Transition in Southeast Asia (RGDC)
  • Ethnic Conflicts in the Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh, Rakhin State (Arakan) in Myanmar & repercussions on India's Northeast (SBC)
  • Buddhist revival in Bengal and its impact on Myanmar (19th-20th Centuries) (SBC)
  • Indian & Myanmar in Context of India-Myanmar Relations (1886-2006) (SBC)
  • India's Past Cultural Fabrics in Southeast Asia: A Study of Dvaravati Siam (LG)
  • India-Thailand Relations in Global Perspective: dynamics of Cordial Convergence (LG)
  • Tai Cultural Identity and Tai heritage in Northeastern India: Attitude of the Tai Ahoms (LG)
  • Social and Economic Status of Women in Thailand (LG)
  • Girl Child in South and Southeast Asia (PB + LG)
  • Refugees: Human Rights Problems in South & Southeast Asia (PB)
  • Women in Conflict Situation in South Asia with special reference to India and Srilanka (PB)
  • Re-evaluation of Border Formations: South Asian Perspective (PB)
  • Situation of Forced Migrants in Thailand (PB)
  • Southern Silk Route: Historical links and contemporary convergence (LG)
  • Eastern Indian Ocean: Historical links and Contemporary Conveyance (LG)
  • India-Thailand Relations:Major Dimension in the post cold war period (LG)
  • Marginalities and Justice ( PB)
Major activities :
  • Teaching
  • Research
  • Conferences
  • Publication
Additional information :
  • The Department publishes a Journal entitled Purba Darshan.


Campus : Alipore (Shahid Kshudiram Siksha Prangan)

Address for communication : Department of South & South East Asian Studies, 1 Reformatory Street, Alipur, Kolkata 700027, Phone : 2479 2861/ 1645 Extn. 366-69