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Year of Establishment : 1998

History of the department :  The S. N. Pradhan Centre for Neurosciences was founded in 1998 in the University College of Medicine, University of Calcutta with the donation from Dr. Sachindra Nath Pradhan, a renowned medical Scientist of USA. The Centre has three chaired Professor posts - (1) S. N. Pradhan Professor of Neuroscience, (2) Sikta Pradhan Professor of Neuroscience and (3) Nagendranath Das Professor of Neurophysiology. The Nagendranath Das Professor post was created with the donation from Dr. Ashis K. Mandal and Mrs. Mina R. MandaI of California. In August 2000, the Centre was formally inaugurated by the Governor of West Bengal. In 2006, the 150th Anniversary Year of Calcutta University, Dr. S. N. Pradhan donated again 75,000 US dollar for the construction of a new floor for S. N. Pradhan Centre for Neurosciences covering 17,000 sq. ft at the Ballygunge Science College campus (5th Floor). The Centre offers M. Sc. Neuroscience a 2 year degree course from the year 2007. This is the only Institution in the entire eastern India who offers M. Sc. degree course in Neuroscience. The Centre has received fund from UGC Innovative Programme under emerging area for teaching and research in Neuroscience for five years (2007-2012). The Centre has a total of three UGC approved faculty posts – One Associate Professor posts and Two Assistant Professor posts. The Centre also runs Ph.D. program in Neuroscience since 2008.

Since 2008 the Centre also conducts Kolkata Regional Brain Bee – a Neuroscience quiz for XIth grade school students for awareness in Neuroscience at the school level. In 2016 the Centre conducted National Brain Bee, where students from 15 different States of India attended the programme. The National champion will participate in the International quiz contest The Centre train summer students of other University/Institute to give exposure in Neuroscience.

Special award/ recognition from UGC or related statutory body :  The Centre has received fund from UGC- Innovative Programme under emerging area for teaching and research in Neuroscience for five years (2007-2012) and two posts, reader and lecturer.


Faculty Members
Name Designation Area of Specialisation Email/Phone number
Prof. Asis Kumar Chattopadhyay
Director (in-charge)
Dr. Subhra Prakash Hui
Assistant Professor Head (acting) CNS Regeneration & Regenerative Medicine; Neurodegenerative disease models using transgenesis & genome editing.

Visiting faculty members : Guest teachers from various Institute and Hospitals of Kolkata teaches our M. Sc. Neuroscience course. A few names are mentioned below

Name Institute attached with Period of appointment
Prof. Atanu Biswas Bangur Institute of Neurosciences, Kolkata Year wise
Prof. Biman Kanti Ray Bangur Institute of Neurosciences, Kolkata Year wise
Dr. Souvik Dubey Bangur Institute of Neurosciences, Kolkata Year wise
Prof. Asis Kumar Ghosal IPGMER, Kolkata Year wise
Dr. Dr. Subhas C. Biswas IICB, Kolkata Year wise
Prof. Alok Ghosh Chowdhury, Vidyasagar College, CU, Kolkata Year wise
Dr. Arindam Biswas National Neuroscience Centre, Kolkata Year wise
Dr. Ashima Bhattacharyya Amity University, Kolkata Year wise
Dr. Rupanjan Mukhopadhyay City College, CU, Kolkata Year wise
Dr. Amitabha Pal City College, CU, Kolkata Year wise
Dr. Somaditya Mukherjee IICB, Kolkata Year wise
Dr. Arpan Kumar Maiti University of North Bengal, Siliguri Year wise

Courses :

Programme Level of study Eligibility Intake capacity
M.Sc. Postgraduate B. Sc., MBBS, B Tech. 12
Ph.D. Postgraduate M.Sc., M.Tech. with NET/SLET/RET qualifications  


Research scholars :
Name Research topic Name of the Supervisor Date of registration
Arunibha Ghosh Molecular study of dopaminergic pathway genes in pathogenesis of parkinson’s disease among patients of eastern India Prof. Jharna Ray 4819/Ph. D. (Sc) Proceed/2014;
Date: 15th July, 2014
  Arunima Bhaduri Studies on molecular basis of Parkinson’s disease to understand the role of potential genetic and environmental factors Prof. Jharna Ray 7271/Ph.D. (Sc.)Proceed/2015,
Date : 7th December 2015
  Prosenjit Pal PD Pathogenesis: Factors involved in Dopaminergic Neuronal Transmission and Mitochondrial Integrity   Prof. Jharna Ray 4821/Ph.D.(Sc.) Proceed/2014; Date: 15th July, 2014
Rinchen D Sherpa   Yet to be decided Dr. Subhra Prakash Hui  
Rishi Das Cognitive enhancing function of medicinal plants – an electrophysiological, behavioural and biochemical study Prof. Jharna Ray 0599/Ph.D.(Sc.)Proceed/2016,
Date : 22nd January 2016  
Samudra Gupta Yet to be decided Dr. Subhra Prakash Hui  
Shubhrajit Roy Studies on molecular basis of Wilson disease Prof. Jharna Ray & Prof. Kunal Ray 3482/Ph.D.(Sc) Proceed/2015, Date: 25th May 2015
Projects :
Project title Funding agency Principal investigator Duration Budget
Uncovering the key regulators of heart regeneration in zebrafish and their potential application in regenerative medicine. DBT, Govt. of India. Dr. Subhra Prakash Hui 2019 to 2024 42.5 lakhs
Understanding the mechanism of glial-bridge formation during axonal regeneration in zebrafish spinal cord. UGC, Govt. of India. Dr. Subhra Prakash Hui 2020 to 2023 10.5 lakhs
Collaborations :
Title of the programme Principle collaborator of the department Name and address of the collaborating institution Principal collaborator of the collaborating institution Duration of the programme
Investigating the genetic etiology and pathophysiology of Moyamoya disease in India and its implications in future medicine. Dr. Subhra Prakashu Hui Bangur Institute of Neurosciences, Kolkata Prof. Biman Kanti Ray   Since 2021
Unraveling the molecular pathogenesis of congenital cognitive impairment among individual with Down syndrome. Dr. Subhra Prakashu Hui Dept. of Zoology,
University of Calcutta, Kolkata
Dr. Sujay Ghosh   Since 2021
Epigenetic regulation during spinal cord regeneration in zebrafish. Dr. Subhra Prakashu Hui Dept. of Biophysics, Molecular Biology & Bioinformatics,
University of Calcutta, Kolkata
Dr. Sukla Ghosh   Since 2020
Investigating the genetic etiology of Alzheimer’s disease Dementia and establishment of zebrafish genetic model. Dr. Subhra Prakashu Hui National Neuroscience Centre, Kolkata Dr. Arindam Biswas   Since 2020
Thrust areas in teaching and research of the academic centre :
  • Teaching Thrust areas : Offer M. Sc. Neuroscience, a 2 year, 4 Semester degree course since 2007
  • Research thrust areas :
    • CNS Regeneration and Development,
    • Regenerative Medicine,
    • Neurogenesis and Neuronal Plasticity,
    • Activation of Adult Stem Cells,
    • Transgenesis and Genome editing,
    • Neurodegenerative Disease Models in Zebrafish
    • Offer Ph.D. in Neuroscience since 2008
Teaching support :
  • Power point presentation
  • Hand on training in both dry (computer) and wet lab experiments
Research support :
Name of the equipment Brief description Funding agency
PCR machine Genetics and Mol Biol work CSIR, UGC-Innovative Programme
Gel-doc, BioRad DNA, RNA, Protein studies UGC-Innovative Programme
Spectrophotometer, Jasco Absorbance measurement UGC-XI Plan
Fluroscence Spectrophotometer, Jasco Fluorometric analysis MoES, GOI
Laminar Flow Biocontainment [Klenzaids Model] For Cell culture study MoES, GOI
Clean Air Work Station [Klenzaids Model] For Bacterial study MoES, GOI
Trinocular Microscope Cell biology/ histological work MoES, GOI
Eyela Low Temperature Incubator shaker Microbial /recombinant DNA work MoES, GOI
Transblot SD Semi-Dry Electrophoretic Transfer Cell [BioRad] Proteomics /immunological work MoES, GOI
Inverted tissue culture trinocular microscope with digital camera [Leica] Cell biology MoES, GOI
iMark Microplate Absorbance Reader with software [BioRad] Proteomics/immunological work MoES, GOI
Milli Q water All kind of wet lab experiments UGC XI Plan
Tissue culture facility For Cell culture study DST-PURSE
HPLC Proteomics study MoES, GOI
Cold Centifuge DNA, RNA, Protein studies MoES, GOI
CO2 Incubator For Cell culture study  
Major activities :
  • Offer M. Sc. 2 year degree course
  • Offer Ph D in Neuroscience
  • Conduct Kolkata-Regional Brain Bee – a Neuroscience Quiz to promote Neuroscience at the school level
  • Conduct Seminars, conference
  • Train M.Sc. students to provide research experience & oral presentation
Additional information :
  • Host M.Sc., M.Tech. and MBBS students for research training
  • New syllabus (CBCS) is available in the University webpage for download


Campus : Taraknath Palit Siksha Prangan (Ballygange Campus)

Address for communication : S. N. Pradhan Centre for Neurosciences (5th Floor), University of Calcutta, 35, Ballygunge Circular Road, Kolkata - 700019, West Bengal, India