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Year of Establishment : 1957

History of the department : The Home Science Department, formerly known as Viharilal College of Home and Social Science was established in 1957. Initially it was an undergraduate degree college affiliated to Calcutta University. Kumari Jyotiprova Dasgupta was the first principal of the college. The department in its initial days received support from the Indo-American Technical Assistance Programme, 1958. The faculty members were trained in the field of Home Science by the professors of the University of Tennessee. Post Graduation course in Food and Nutrition was introduced in the year 1974. Gradually the college expanded and was transformed into Department of Home Science under Calcutta University in the year 1982. In 1996, another important Post Graduate course in Human Development was introduced. The Department is running Ph.D. programmes in Food & Nutrition and Human Development successfully. Home Science, being a multi-disciplinary subject, comprises of faculty members of different specializations. The Honours subjects taught at the undergraduate level are Food and Nutrition and Human Development. B.A. / B.Sc. General courses are also taught in this Department in the different subjects, namely Food & Nutrition, Human Development, Chemistry, Social Science, Extension Education, Household Art, Music, English and Bengali.

Mission : The mission of the Department of Home Science, University of Calcutta is to support a community of researchers, educators, trainees and students in a respectful environment dedicated to advancing research, education and service to the community

Vision : At the forefront of discovery


Faculty Members :
Name Designation Area of specialisation Email
Dr. Santa Dutta(De)
Professor Nutrition
Dr. Paromita Ghosh
Professor Psychosocial aspects of science education and communication; Gerontology
Dr. Susmita Neogi
Professor Clinical Psychology & Educational Psychology
Dr. Pubali Dhar
Professor Physiology, Food Technology, Nanotechnology
Dr. Nandini Chatterjee
Professor Sociology
Dr.Tapasi Ghosh
Professor and HOD Hindustani Classical Music/Vocal (Khyal & Thumri)
Sri Debnath Basu
Associate Professor Art Print Making
Dr.Indubhushan Mandal
Associate Professor Bengali-Medievel Bengali literature and sociaity; Bhakti movement in India  
Dr. Purba Chattopadhyay
Associate Professor Econometrics and Statistics
Dr. Debomita Sikdar
Associate Professor Human Development, Gerontology
Dr. Binata Nayak
Associate Professor Nutrition
Dr. Kazi Layla Khaled
Associate Professor Nutrition
Dr. Swagata Biswas
Associate Professor English
Sm. Tania Khastgir
Assistant Professor English
Dr. Annalakshmi Chatterjee
Assistant Professor Life Science (Biochemistry & Microbiology)
Keynote Lecturers:
Name Institution attached with
Prof. Jadav Krishna Das Professor, Department of Commerce, CU
Prof. (Dr.) Madhumita Dobey Dean, Director-Prof.& Head of Dept., Department of Health Promotion & education, All India Institute of Hygiene & Public Health, Kolkata
Dr. Arun Kumar Das Senior Scientist, Indian Veterinary Research Institute (IVRI), Kolkata
Dr. Mahua Ghosh Associate Professor, Department of Chemical Technology, CU
Dr. Punarbasu Choudhury Assistant Professor, Department of Environmental Science, CU
Col. Pramod Dahitule Regional Director, FSSAI
Dr. Kakali Bandopadhyay Associate Professor & HOD, Department of Food Technology, Gurunanak Institute of Technology, Kolkata
Memorial Lectures:
Name Institution attached with
Dr Bela Jana Memorial Lecture Dr. Rumpa Das, Principal, Maheshtala College
Dr Ira Ghosh Memorial Lecture -
Dr Suniti Ghosh Chatterjee Memorial Lecture -

Courses :

Programme Level of study Eligibility Intake capacity
Ph.D. in Food and Nutrition
Ph.D. in Human Development
Ph.D. M.Sc./M.A. with RET/NET/SET/Equivalent -
M.Sc. in Food and Nutrition PG B.Sc (Hons.) in Food and Nutrition 69
M.A./M.Sc. in Human Development PG B.Sc./B.A. (Hons.) in Human Development/Sociology/ Psychology/ 
Education/Home Science
B.Sc (Hons.) in Food and Nutrition UG H.S. with Chemistry 65
B.Sc. (Hons.) in Human Development UG H.S. with Sociology/Psychology/  Education/Home Management/Physics/ Chemistry/Biology 65


Research scholars :
Name Research Topic Name of Supervisor Date of Registration
Manisha Mukhopadhyay Studies on the Protective Effects of Melatonin against Adrenaline Induced Alterations in Cardiac and Hepatic Pyridoxine Metabolism in Male Wistar Rats Prof. Debasish Bandyopadhyay 05.07.2021
Priyanka Ghosh Studies on the Protective Role of Melatonin Against Chromium Induced Oxidative Stress Mediated Alterations in the Hepatic, Cardiac and Renal Tissues of Male Wistar Rats Prof. Debasish Bandyopadhyay 22.12.2020
Soumya Nandi Isolation, Purification, Characterization and Application of Alpha-Amylase Derived from Amylolytic Bacteria from Agro-industrial Waste Water Dr. Annalakshmi Chatterjee 07.08.2019
Sreerupa Sarkar A Study on Memory Improving, Antiaging Potentiality on Skin using In Vitro Model and Metabolome Classification of Six Ocimum Species. Dr Susmita Das 11.04.2019
Amreen Nahida Parenting Style and Child Rearing Practices: A Study of Qur’anic Guidelines on Educated Mothers Prof. Nandini Chatterjee 05.12.2018
Trina Das Production and characterization of food nanoemulsion with biotechnologically produced peptides from waste protein source Prof. Pubali Dhar 01.08.2018
Enakshi Das Role of Religious Attitude In Mental Health and Resilience Prof. Susmita Neogi 27.12.2017
Hansa Kinkini Dev Roy Validation of a Graphological Technique for Assessing Anxiety and Depression Utilising Samples of Women with Polycystic Ovaries and Matched Controls Prof. Paromita Ghosh 08.11.2017
Suchandra Dutta Studies on The Certain Nutritional And Chemical Components Of Syzygium jambos And Its Seeds With Special Emphasis On The Formulation Of New Food Products Dr. Kazi Layla Khaled 13.10.2017
Shreyasi Halder Phytochemical screening, Nutritional Profiling and Food Product Development from some Edible Flowers (Allium cepa Umbel, Cucurbita maxima Flower, Carica papaya flower) Dr. Kazi Layla Khaled 12.09.2017
Suryatapa Das ‘Comparative Studies On Nutritional Values, Antioxidant Properties and Food Quality of Selected Vegetables Grown Organically And Conventionally In Various Domestic Packaging Material At Different Storage Temperatures Dr.
Dr. Tapan
Kumar pal
Avijna Ray A Comparative Study On The Impact Of Nutritional Knowledge on Physical and Physiological Status Among Female College Going Students Of Nutrition and Non-Nutrition Curriculum in Kolkata Prof. Santa Datta De 01.03.2017
Arpita Paul A Search for the Novel Metabolic Fingerprints Related to Cadmium Stress in Rice Plant Seedlings Dr Susmita Das 10.02.2017
Soumi Pal Chowdhury Analysis of Nutrient Content, Antimicrobial Assay of Glinus oppositifolius and Its Physiological Effects on Human as well as Experimental Rats Dr Kazi Layla Khaled 16.11.2016
Ankita Parui Comparative Study on Depression, Anxiety, Stress and Psychological Well-being of Tertiary Students With and Without Training in Music Prof. Paromita Ghosh 29.09.2016
Tiyasa Dey Studies on the Protective Effect of Piperine against Arsenic Induced High Fat Diet Aggravated Myocardial and Hepatic Injury in Male Wistar Rats Prof. Debasish Bandyopadhyay 11.05.2016
Arpita Banerjee Studies On The Functional Properties Of Enzymatically Extracted  Dietary Fibres From Oil Seed Meals Prof. Pubali Dhar 11.05.2016
Tania Khastgir Impact of Psychosocial Variables on Second Language Usage among College Students Prof. Susmita Neogi 20.04.2016
Debasmita De A Study on the Nutritional Quality, Biochemical property and Organoleptic evaluation of Iron Fortified Yogurt Dr.Binata Nayak 18.3.2016
Anjali Dutta Isolation of Macronutrients from Unconventional Sources (Seeds) And to Study Their Biological And Physicochemical Properties Dr. Annalakshmi Chatterjee 04.01.2016
Ranjeeta Chowdhury  Fear of Death among Late Adults as Related to Self-reported Chronic Physical Illnesses, Trait, Anxiety and Attitude towards Religion Prof. Paromita Ghosh 14.12.2015
Gargi Bhattacharya Studies on the Protective Role of Melatonin against High Fat Diet Induced Myocardial Injury in Rats Prof. Debasish Bandyopadhyay 31.7.2014
Rukshana Irani Studies on the Physiological, Nutritional and Therapeutic Significance of Acacia nilotica Gum on Experimental Animals Dr Kazi Layla Khaled 19.09.2013
Aparna Mukherjee Sentiments,
attitudes, concerns
and opinions of
educators and
parents towards
Education in
17.06.2013 as URF
29.09.2015 as UGC-JRF
Swagata Palit A Study on the Perceived Parental Influences on Ego Identity Achievement Status, Gender Role Orientation and Career Maturity among the Adolescents Prof. Susmita Neogi 21.06.2011
Thrust areas in teaching and research of the academic department/ centre :

Current Extramural Research Projects :

Sl. No Department /Centre Name of Investigator Project Title Year of sanction Year of Completion Total Approved cost
1. ICMR Prof. Pubali Dhar Systematizing Novel Lipid formulations as nanocarriers in targeting
Molecular axis of Hypersensitivity: For translational research
2019 2022 30 Lakhs
2. WBDSTBT Dr. Annalakshmi Chatterjee Preparation of prebiotics from agriculturally cultivated root, tuber, fruits of tribal zone of Jhargram and also their nanoparticle preparations and their activity against some multidrug resistant human pathogens 2019 2022 10 Lakhs
3. The Asiatic Society Dr. Purba Chattopadhyay Reproductive health behavior of women: a comparative study among the tribes of North East and Central India 2019 2021  7.83 Lakhs
4. India-Canada International Research Partnership Fund Prof. Pubali Dhar Development of nutrient-­rich oil-­in-­water nanoemulsions for diarrhoeal disease and associated malnutrition management in developing nations 2019 2021 27 Lakhs
5. ICSSR Prof. Nandini Chatterjee Utilisation of indigenous Ayurveda knowledge for health empowerment of women 2019 2022 12.50 Lakhs
6. ICMR Prof. Pubali Dhar Identification and Generation of Immunomodulatory Peptides From Sesame Seed Oil Meal: A Novel Radical Approach In Food Value Addition 2021 2024 32.05 Lakhs

Scholarships and Awards for Departmental Students :

  • Labanyamoyee Sinha Memorial Cash Award
  • Late Durbar Chandra Adak Memorial Medal

Computing and Networking facilities : Internet Service in V.L College Campus is provided by TATA COMMUNICATION LIMITED (TCL). LAN networking is provided by WEBEL, Govt. of West Bengal. There are 42 LAN connection with Wi-Fi network in ground floor and 2 LAN connection in 1st floor of the campus. Bandwidth of V.L. College Campus is approximately >24 mbps.

Research Profile:

Areas of Research in Food and Nutrition:

Therapeutic uses of different indigenous plants and seeds

  • Nutritional evaluation of less familiar food stuff
  • New food intervention
  • Nano food emulsion formulation.
  • Assessment on micronutrients deficiencies among the people of vulnerable groups
  • Relation between arsenic intoxication and nutritional status of the people of low socio-economic group
  • Assessment of nutritional status among tribal people
  • Experimental cooking and their effects on nutrient contents of food stuff
  • Evaluation of different Natural Products and their implications in therapeutics

Areas of Research in Human Development:

  • Evaluation and planning programmes for the overall development of slum children in Kolkata
  • Assessment and control of emotional, social and economic problems of migrant children
  • Evaluation of the developmental problems of children reared by single parents
  • Studying the developmental trends in cognitive and non-cognitive domains prior to and after puberty
  • Assessment of the psychosocial problems of working women
  • Evaluation of the psychosocial problems and development of remedial programmes for the elderly
Research support:
Name of the Equipment Funding Agency
ELISA READAR 3.8 Semi-automated 3 strip reader Project-Guided by Prof. Pubali Dhar
Inverted Microscope Project-Guided by Prof. Pubali Dhar
Probe Ultra Sonicator Project-Guided by Prof. Pubali Dhar
Bath Ultra Sonicator Project-Guided by Prof. Pubali Dhar
High Speed Homogenizer Project-Guided by Prof. Pubali Dhar
Vohra, Davice’s battery of differencial abilities UGC 4th Instalment
Raven’s coloured Progressive Matrics UGC 4th Instalment
Palhok, Development assessment Scale for Indian Infants UGC 4th Instalment
UV-Vis Spectrophotometer UGC 4th Instalment
Binocular Microscope UGC 4th Instalment
Biorad Gel Doc DST-PURSE
Biorad Semi Protein Gel electrophoresis DST-PURSE
S.L. 159 UV-VIS Spectrophotometer (Single Beam) B.I.
Cold Centrifuge B.I.
Lyophilizer B.I.
Rotary Evaporator B.I.
Microvolume Spectrophotometer B.I.
Cell Culture Laboratory with C02 Incubator, Autoclave and Laminar Airflow Cabinet B.I.
Major Activities :
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Campus : Viharilal Home Science Campus

Address for communication : Department of Home Science, 20B, Judges Court Road, Alipore, Kolkata - 700 027

Phone No: 033-24795594, 033-24491840