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"The University of Calcutta thankfully acknowledges Petroleum Experts Ltd. (PETEX) for donating 10 licenses of the MOVE software suite for teaching and research purposes. The equivalent commercial value of the donation is £1,744,550.46."


Year of Establishment : 1916

History of the department : Established in the year 1916, the Department of Geology, University of Calcutta has set a standard in teaching and research in Geology. The Department has introduced the current curriculum (M.Sc. in Applied Geology) in 2005, and takes great satisfaction that the syllabus suggested by the UGC afterwards has similar emphasis. However, we are now again reviewing the existing curriculum to make it more comprehensive.

The Department has included the interdisciplinary subjects like Remote Sensing and GIS, Environmental Geology, Hydrogeology, Geology of Coal and Petroleum, Basin analysis, Geomathematics, Mineral resources and management, Mineral Exploration and Geotechnical Engineering, etc. An attempt has been made to maintain a balance between the fundamental disciplines and the newer branches to equip the students with the necessary skills to match the newer, more stringent requirements of the academia and the highly competitive job-market.

Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, conducted a survey to evaluate India’s research performance, through time and in comparison with other nations, overall and for subject areas relevant to science and technology. The report has been published as “International Comparative Performance of India’s Research Base (2009-14)” (commissioned to Elsevier by DST). In that report DST has ranked top 30 institutes of India based on different parameters. All the members of Dept. of Geology, CU would be proud to know that University of Calcutta has been ranked number one in the category “Subject area and overall publication-count-to-active-researcher ratio” [ratios of publications divided by number of active researchers or number of publications per active researcher] in the Earth and Planetary Sciences subject area category. The ratio was 7.9 in between 2009-2013 and it got increased to 8.1 in between 2009-2014.

The Department also hosts the age-old The Geological, Mining and Metallurgical Society of India (GMMSI), the mouth piece of the society is the Quarterly Journal of the Geological, Mining and Metallurgical Society of India (later renamed as Indian Journal of Geology) which publishes scientific research papers in several domains of Earth Sciences.

Dr. E.W. Vredenburg of G.S.I. was the first professor, K.K. SENGUPTA was the first Indian teacher

  • Fellow, Indian National Science Academy - 12
  • Winner, WADIA medal of INSA -2.
  • Winner, K.NAHA medal of INSA – 2
  • Winner, Asiatic Society Medal- 4
  • Winner, Kamalkumari award- 1
  • Winner, S.S. BHATNAGAR Award in Earth, Atmosphere and Marine Sciences, the highest award from the CSIR - 3
  • Vice-Chancellors of Three Universities
  • Director, Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad
  • Director, Central Fuel Research Institute, Dhanbad
  • Director, K.D. Malviya Institute of Petroleum Exploration, O.N.G.C. - 3
  • Member, Oil & Natural Gas Commission-1 Director, Atomic Minerals Division -1
  • Director General, Geological Survey of India – 4

Special award/ recognition from UGC or related statutory body: 1


Faculty Members
Name Designation Area of specialisation Email
Dr. Jyotisankar Ray
Professor Igneous Petrology
Dr. Siddhartha Sengupta
Associate Professor Paleontology
Dr. Bapi Goswami
Associate Professor Metamorphic Petrology
Dr. Rajib Kar
Associate Professor Metamorphic Petrology
Dr. Biswajit Ghosh
Associate Professor and HoD Ore Petrology
Dr. Subhronil Mondal
Assistant Professor Paleontology
Ishita Das
Assistant Professor Paleontology
Bithika Das
Assistant Professor Sedimentology
Dr. Subhajit Sinha
Assistant Professor Sedimentology
Sonu Hansda
Assistant Professor Igneous Petrology, Remote Sensing

Visiting faculty members

Name Institutions attached with Period of appointment
Abdul Matin Former Professor, CU 2018-continuing
Tapas Bhattacharyya Former Professor, CU 2016-continuing
Pradip Sikder Prof, IISWBM 2005  - continuing
Sanjoy Nag Dept. of  Sc & Tech, Govt. of West Bengal 2017 –continuing

Courses :

Programme Level of study Eligibility Intake capacity
M.Sc. in Applied Geology M.Sc. B.Sc.(Hons. In Geology) 30+30
Ph.D. in Geology Ph.D. M.Sc. in Geology/Applied Geology/M.Sc. Tech 20 /year


Research Scholars :
Name Research topic Name of the supervisor Date of registration
Ankita Basak Petrogenesis of Alkaline rocks Bapi Goswami 2016
Debaditya Bandyopadhyay Melt-rock interaction, Reaction Microstructure Biswajit Ghosh 2015
Debaleena Sarkar Igneous petrology, Geochemistry, Geochronology Jyotisankar Ray 2015
Hindolita Chakraborty Ecology and Paleoecology Subhronil Mondal 2016
Madhuparna Paul Igneous Petrology, Geochemistry and Experimental Petrology Jyotisankar Ray 2015
Moumita Chowdhury Igneous Petrology, Geochemistry and Experimental Petrology Jyotisankar Ray 2016
Payel Dey Petrology and Geochemistry of Eastern Deccan Flood Basalt Province Jyotisankar Ray 2015
Poulami Roy Metamorphic and Igneous evolution of CGC Bapi Goswami 2016
Asima kar Petrology and Geochemistry of Simlipal Complex Jyotisankar Ray 2016
Subhodeep Mazumder Metamorphic  Petrology Rajib Kar 2018
Animesh Das Structural Geology Santanu Bose 2018
Sankhadeep Roy Ophiolite Complex of Arunachal Pradesh Biswajit Ghosh 2019
Subhradip Saha Metamorphic, Igneous Petrology, Geochemistry Bapi Goswami 2017
Susmita Das Metamorphic and Igneous evolution of CGC Bapi Goswami 2018
Projects :
Project title Funding agency Principal investigator Duration Budget (Rs.)
Relationship between magmatic processes and tectonic deformation in the Bundelkhand Craton in and around Jhansi-Mau Ranipore-Karera area, parts of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. CSIR Abdul Matin    
Petrotectonic Style of Manipur Ophiolite Belt,North Eastern India. DST Jyotisankar Ray 2012-2016 19.20 lakhs
Geological and Geochemical Investigations of Precambrian Mafic magmatism of Singhbhum Craton, Eastern India: Implication on Mantle Processes  DST Jyotisankar Ray
(jointly with Dr. C. Manikyamba, CSIR- NGRI, Hyderabad)
2013-2016 15.00 Lakhs
Desertification Status Mapping of India- 2nd Cycle sponsored by SAC- ISRO, Ahmadabad, Government of India,  SAC-ISRO, Ahmedabad Jyotisankar Ray 2013-2016 9.05 Lakhs
Petrological, mineralogical and geochemical studies of Precambrian alkaline suite of rocks from North Purulia Shear Zone, Eastern Indian shield: Implication for tectonomagmatic evolution and REE metallogeny. DST Bapi Goswami 2014-present  
Tectonothermal History of the Chhotanagpur Gneissic Complex and Evolution of the Granitoid Rocks. UGC Bapi Goswami 2015-present  
Lithostructural and Petrological evolution of the north-eastern part of NFB, specially around the intersection junction of the Rudravaram thrust and Venikona thrust, Palnad sub-basin and its surrounding areas, AP. BRNS Bapi Goswami 2016-present  
Unravelling the ultramafic-hosted hydrothermal system from seawater to hydrothermal fluids by petrological and geochemical studies on Andaman ophiolite, India JSPS Biswajit Ghosh    
Metamorphism of high grade rocks of Eastern Ghats, Belt, Eastern India India (DST)–Brazil Inter-Govt. co-operation Rajib Kar 2013-2016.  
Kinematic transitions at the plate contact deformations during the Himalaya-Tibet collision. SERB, DST Santanu Bose    
Detailed documentation of drilling and shell-breaking predation on molluscan community along the Indian coasts. DST Subhronil Mondal 2016-2019 9,48,000.

Collaborations :

Title of the programme Principal collaborator of the department Name and address of the collaborating institution Principal collaborator of the collaborating institution Duration of the programme
Research Collaboration Dr. Jyotisankar Ray NGRI, Hyderabad Dr. C. Manikyamba 2012-2017
Research Collaboration Dr. Jyotisankar Ray University of Vienna Dr. C. Christian 2009-2019
Research Collaboration Dr. Jyotisankar Ray GSI, India Director (CPL) 2012-2016
Research Collaboration Dr. Jyotisankar Ray NCSU, USA Dr. M. Bizmis 2015-2018
Research Collaboration Dr. Jyotisankar Ray CUG, China Dr. M. Santosh 2015-2018
Research Collaboration Dr. Tapas Bhattacharyya ISI, Kolkata Dr. D. Saha 2014-2019
Research Collaboration Dr. Abdul Matin IIT Bombay Dr. M. Mukul 2007-2017
Research Collaboration Dr. Santanu Bose University of Lisbon, Portugal Dr. O.M. Fernando 2007-2017
Research Collaboration Dr. Santanu Bose Jadavpur University, India Dr. N. Mandal 2007-2017
Research Collaboration Dr. Biswajit Ghosh Kanajawa University, Japan Dr. T.Morishita 2012-2018
Research Collaboration Dr. Bapi Goswami University of Pretoria, South Africa Prof.Eriksson, Patrick G., 2012-2018
Research Collaboration Dr. Subhronil Mondal ISI, Kolkata Dr. S.S. Das 2016-present
Research Collaboration Dr. Subhronil Mondal Jadavpur University, India Dr. S. Bardhan 2016-present
Research Collaboration Dr. Rajib Kar University of Sao Paulo, Brazil Prof. Wilson Teixeira 2013-2016
Research Collaboration Dr. Rajib Kar ISI, Kolkata Dr. S. Bhattacharya 2013-2016
Thrust areas in teaching and research of the academic department:
  • Structural Geology and Geodynamics
  • Petrology
  • Paleobiology and Paleoecology

Teaching support :

  • Experimental demonstration to understand basic geological phenomena
  • Independent research problem handling for fulfillment of M.Sc. curriculum
  • Lecture series organized by students on state of the art geological problems
  • Exposure of each student to industry
  • Encouraging workshops and seminar at International and national conferences/workshops
  • Hands on training with highly sophisticated instruments and software in established national and International laboratories.

Research support :

Name of the equipment Brief description Funding agency
Image Analyzer Petrological and paleontological specimens/samples analyses and photographing UGC
SEM High resolution electron imaging and analysis of geological structures DST-FIST
Automated Thin Section cutter Cutting, lapping, and polishing of geological samples DST-FIST
Abacus for experimental structural modeling DST-PURSE
One atmosphere high temperature Si-carbide furnace with controlled oxygen fugacity For bracketing crystallization temperatures of magmatic minerals and understanding petrogenesis of igneous rocks DST-PURSE
High Resolution Sieve Shaker Sedimentological sample preparation and analysis UGC
Flame photometer and colorimeter Element determination of rock and mineral samples UGC
Major activities:

The students are encouraged to learn lessons in different subjects through digital processes in the classrooms.The students need to participate compulsorily (as part of the present M.Sc. Applied Geology curriculum) in seminar presentation to deliberate their ideas on different challenging and emerging topics of Geological Sciences. This paves their ways for future career, The students after completion of their course, are placed for employment in different reputed national and international mineral and oil industries through campus- interviews. Some of the industries/ houses where our students were placed include Electrosteel, Somica- Aurum, Lafarage, Weatherford, Joy Balaji, Adhunik, Jindal Steel , Hindusthan Zinc, MSPL, Emami and many others. All the students enthusiastically participate as back-bones when this Department organizes national seminars/ workshops, During seminars/ workshops, they (students) are also exposed to different challenging ideas; they also present their Master’s level- research findings in those seminars/workshops.

Links :

Additional information : The students (during the end of their second semester examination) are sent to reputed industries of the country as a part of their compulsory summer training program. where the students get hands- on training to know techniques involved in mineral and oil- exploration. Some reputed organizations (where the students were sent in recent years) are ONGC, SAIL, Coal India, UCIL, Rio-Tinto, Tata Steel, GAIL and so on. It is a regular affair that faculty members of the Geology Dept, CU visit national and international Universities/ Institutions to exchange their scientific views and findings. Some of these are University of Lisbon, Kanajawa University, Monash University, University of Vienna etc. Faculty- members do participate in several international / national scientific assemblies like AGU, AOGS, IODP very often to present their scientific ideas. The present M.Sc. (Applied Geology) syllabus has been revised very recently in order to incorporate modern developments in different branches of Geology. Departmental library of CU Geology contains numerous valuable book and journals and also houses question papers of all previous years and students have easy access to those.


Campus : Tarak Nath Palit Trust Prangan (Ballygange Campus)

Address for communication : Department of Geology, University of Calcutta, Ballygunge Circular Road, Kolkata - 700019, West Bengal, India