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Year of Establishment : 2003

History of the department : The Genetics and Plant Breeding Department was established in the year 2003, although this subject was taught as a special paper from the inception of the Department of Agriculture (Formerly College of Agriculture) since 1954. Many eminent teachers as well as research scientists served the Department with high dignity and modesty. Many outstanding alumni of the Department have served with great reputation in different Universities / Institutes at National and International level and have glorified the fame of the Department . The quality of teaching and research undergoing in the Department is of very good standard and this has been highly appreciated at the National level . Indian Council of Agricultural Research ( ICAR ) has selected the Department as a main R&D centre for sesame development in Eastern India . International Rice Research Institute , Philippines collaborates with the Department for promotion of hybrid rice in eastern region . The Department is actively associated with University of Aberdeen , Scotland , U.K in conducting advanced research in the area of molecular breeding.


Faculty Members :
Name Designation Area of specialisation Email / Phone number
Dr. Sabyasachi Kundagrami
HOD Genetics & Plant Breeding
Visiting faculty members :
Name Institutions attached with
Prof. P.K.Das Ex-Professor & Head,
Dept. of Genetics & Plant Breeding, B.C.K.V.
Dr. P.K.Mandal Ex-Reader , Dept. of Genetics & Plant Breeding, B.C.K.V.
Dr. S.D.Chatterjee Ex- Director of Agriculture , Govt. of West Bengal.
Dr. G.B.Bhattacharyya Ex-Wheat Specialist, F.C.R.S., Govt. of West Bengal.
Dr. Amitava Ghosh Ex- Economist Botanist , Govt. of West Bengal.
Dr. Tamina Begum Jr. Plant Breeder , A.I.C.R.P.( Sesame ).
Dr. Disharee Nath Calcutta University
Dr. Sourav Kanti Sarkar B.I.T., Kolkata

Courses :

Programme Level of study Eligibility Intake capacity
M.Sc. (Ag.) in Genetics & Plant Breeding Master Degree B.Sc ( Ag.)/B.Sc ( Bot.) Hons. 11
Ph.D. (Ag.) in Genetics & Plant Breeding Doctoral M.Sc (Ag.) in Genetics & Plant Breeding
or Allied subjects.
Subject to vacancy of Ph.D students
of each Faculty.


Research scholars :
Name Research topic Name of the supervisor Date of registration
Adil Iqbal Development of microsatellite markers and study of genetic divergence in sesame ( Sesamun indicum L. ) Prof Tapash Dasgupta 17.12.2014
Aditi Ghosh Studies on inbred lines , their combining ability
and development of high productive hybrids in maize
(Zea mays L. )
Dr. S.Kundagrami 6.09.2013
Anindita Roy Breeding for high productive and improved quality lines in chickpea ( Cicer arietinum L. ) Dr. S.Kundagrami 15.09.2014
Anirban Nath Study on parental lines and development of heterotic hybrid rice in West Bengal Prof Tapash Dasgupta 19.06.2015
Baishali Datta Choudhury Breeding for high iron and zinc content rice genotypes and tagging of SSR markers. Prof Tapash Dasgupta 13.09.2012
Himadri Shekhar Das Breeding for high productive, determinant and MYMV tolerance lines in mungbean ( Vigna radiata L. Wilczek ) Dr. S.Kundagrami 04.02.2015
Kundan Jaiswal Morphological ,biochemical and molecular characterization of rice ( Oryza sativa L. ) from Bihar and tagging of high Fe and Zn containing genotypes to microsatellite markers. Prof Tapash Dasgupta 05.08.2014
Monoranjan Jana Morpho-physiological screening and development of drought tolerance in rice ( Oryza sativa L. ) through breeding . Prof Tapash Dasgupta 02.03.2016
Moushree Sarkar Breeding for high productive , extra short duration germplasms of mungbean ( Vigna radiata ( L.) Wilezek) and their management for improved storability ,viability , vigour and field performance . Dr. S.Kundagrami 18.07.2013
Sanhita Ghosh Breeding for high yielding genotypes with improved quality in mungbean (Vigna radiata ( L.) Wilezek ) Dr. S.Kundagrami 15.09.2014
Projects :
Project title Funding agency Principal investigator Duration Budget
All India Coordinated Research Project in Sesame I.C.A.R. P.I.: Prof. T.Dasgupta
Co-P.I. : Dr. S.Kundagrami
From 2015, initially for 5 years. Rs 57,00,000 yearly with additional grant for infrastructure development and equipments
Crop breeding  Research  Unit. Agriculture Dept. Govt. of W.B. Status Permanent P.I : Prof. T.Dasgupta Permanent Rs.6,01,241 per year
Restructuring rice genotypes for high yield , early duration , high iron and zinc content through advanced plant breeding D.S.T., Govt. of India P.I. : Prof. T.Dasgupta
Co-P.I.: Dr.S.Kundagrami
2015-’19 Rs 14,05,200
Genotypic diversity among genotypes and molecular linkage map construction in sesame University Grant Commission, New Delhi P.I : Prof. T.Dasgupta 2013-17  Rs.11,31,800
Breeding for development of hybrid rice Mali Agri Tech P.I : Prof. T.Dasgupta 2015- 2018 Rs 1,00,000  yearly
Collaborations :
Title of the programme Principal collaborator of the department Name and address of the collaborating institution Principal collaborator of the collaborating institution Duration of the programme
Research on low aesenic uptake in rice Prof. Tapash Dasgupta University of Aberdeen, Scotland , U.K Prof. Adam Price 7 years (2007-2014)
Arsenic research Prof. Tapash Dasgupta Rothamstat, U.K Prof. S. McGrath 2007-2011
Thrust areas in teaching and research of the academic department :

Teaching :

  • Fundamental principles of Plant Breeding and Genetics
  • Biometrical  genetics
  • Molecular genetics, cell biology & Biotechnology
  • Bioinformatics
  • Breeding for biotic & abiotic stresses
  • Plant genetic resources & conservation

Research :

  • Breeding and MAS for Phyllody and root rot tolerance in sesame
  • Breeding  and MAS for BLB  and drought tolerance and low arsenic uptake in rice
  • MAS , linkage map construction, QTL mapping  and population diversity in rice and sesame.
  • Genomic sequencing through Next Generation Sequencing  and cDNA library construction in sesame.
  • Breeding for abiotic stress tolerance in pulses and cereals .
  • Breeding for improved quality in pulses and cereals.

Teaching support :

  • Visit to the Farmers’ field by the students to sort out the problems in cultivation and conveying appropriate measures to the farmers in consultation with the experts in the area.

Research support :

Name of the equipment Brief description Funding agency
Cold centrifuge (3nos.) Temperature regulated device which spins liquid samples at high speed for separation, purification etc. Different manufacturers are Sigma (-10°C), Hermle Labortechnik GmbH (-4°C), Remi (-4°C) Govt. of West Bengal
UV VIS Spectrophotometer (2 Nos) Systronics  made instrument used for quantitative measurement of material as a function of wavelength in ultraviolet-visible spectral region Govt. of West Bengal
High Precision Balance Balances of Metler (1mg) and  Sartorious (1mg)  are used to weigh very little amount of material. Govt. of West Bengal
Vortex (2 Nos) Device used to mix the reagents of an assay or to mix an experimental sample and a dilutant. Provider Spinix and Remi CU
Digital pH Meter (3 Nos) Used to check pH of sample / solution. Make: Systronics, Elico CU
Digital EC Meters Used to check EC of sample / solution. Make: Systronics,  
Weighing Balance (2 Nos) Used for weighing samples. Make: Citizen (0.01gm), Afcoset (0.01gm). CU
Soxlet Used in Oil Extraction.  
Muffle Furnace Used in ashing of Sample.  
Tissue Culture Rack The rack is used for growth of tissue cultured plants and other tissue culture work in tissue culture room.  
Plant Growth Chamber (2 Nos) Plants are grown in precise control of temperature, light, humidity and other environmental parameters within a closed chamber.  
BOD incubator with Shaker (2 Nos) A device used to grow and maintain microbiological cultures or cell cultures in low temperature incubators. CU
Magnetic Stirrer (2 Nos) BioLab made device used to dissolve chemicals in liquids by spinning/ rotating in a magnetic field. CU
Distillation Unit (Single & Double) Device used for water purification by distillation CU
Water Bath (2 Nos) Alternative method of heating sample by immersing in heated water. Temperature of water can be raised upto 100°C CU
Magnetic Shaker Shaking made in magnetic field. Make: Tarson CU
Deep Fridge (-20°C) 6 nos Freezer wheretemperature is maintained -20°C. Make :Voltas Govt. of West Bengal
Deep Fridge (-40°C) Freezer where temperature is maintained -40°C. Make: ilShinBioBase Govt. of West Bengal
Deep Fridge (-80°C) Freezer where temperature is maintained -40°C. Make: Remi Govt. of West Bengal
Laminer Air Flow (2 Nos) Used in tissue culture work and microbial work to avoid contamination by continuous flow of filtered air. CU
Microtome Device used for slicing plant for anatomical study. Provided by Weswox Optik  
Colorimeter (2 Nos) Systronics manufactured instrument is used for measuring the intensity of colour to determine the concentration of given sample. CU
Vertical Gel System (2 Nos) System used for the separation of proteins or small DNA molecules in polyacrylamide gels by electrophoresis. Make : BioRad CU
Horizontal Gel System(6 Nos) Systems used to separate DNA and RNA in agarose gels submerged in running buffer for quick screening such as sample quantification, size determination or PCR amplification detection. Make : BioRad and Tarson Govt. of West Bengal, CU
Light Microscopes (2 Nos) Instrument used to examine small objects not visible to the naked eye under magnifying lenses and visible light. Manufactured by Olympus and Magnüs. CU
Digital Autoclave (2 Nos) A strong heated container used for steam sterilization using high pressures and temperatures. Govt. of West Bengal
Gel Documentation Unit (2 Nos) Instrument used for capturing image and documentation of DNA, RNA and protein suspended within agarose and polyacrylamide gels respectively. Make : UVP and Cell Bioscience Govt. of West Bengal
 ThermoCycler (3 Nos) Instrument used to amplify segments of DNA via the polymerase chain reaction. Make : Eppendorf  and  Peqlab Govt. of West Bengal, CU
UV Transilluminator (2 Nos) Protein and DNA banding is observed under white light and UV light respectively. Make : Biotech and Vilber Lourmat CU, Govt. of West Bengal
Nanodrop ThermoScientific manufactured device quantifies DNA, RNA and Protein. Govt. of West Bengal
Ice Maker Prepares ice flakes in supply of running water. Make : Vision Scientific Govt. of West Bengal
Ball mill Retsch made device used to make powder of sample using two small iron balls. Govt. of West Bengal
Plant Hybridisation Unit Instrument used for hybridization in tissue culture. Make : UVP Govt. of West Bengal
Green House Reico made room / chamber with transparent roof whereplants are grown in requiring regulated climatic conditions. Govt. of West Bengal
Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer Product of Agilent Technologies. Used for quantitative determination of chemical elements using the absorption of optical radiation (light) by free atoms in the gaseous state. Govt. of West Bengal
QIAxcel Advance The QIAxcel Advanced system fully automates sensitive, high-resolution capillary electrophoresis of up to 96 samples per run. DNA fragment analysis of 12 samples can be performed in as little as 3 minutes. Purchased from Qiagen. Govt. of West Bengal
Major activities :
  • Frontline demonstration of improved crop varieties at the Farmers’ field.
  • Farmers training meeting for improved cultivation practices.

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Additional information : Syllabus is revised recently and available in the


Campus : Ballygunge Science College campus

Address for communication : Department of Genetics & Plant Breeding, Institute of Agricultural Science, University of Calcutta, 51/2, Hazra Road, Kolkata – 700019