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Year of Establishment : 1907

History of the department : Founded in 1907, the Department of English, one of the oldest operating departments of all the modern universities in Asia, has retained its eminence for 110 years. The objective of the department is not only to make students think differently, but also to groom them in the way that enables them to connect the classroom with the outer world, the knowledge of literature with real life.

During the Vice-Chancellorship of Sir Asutosh Mookerjee (1906-14) classes in the Post Graduate level started in the Department. In 1944-45 a Chair was instituted in the name of Sir Gooroodas Bannerjee, the University’s first Vice-Chancellor of Indian origin. The first Professor to adorn the Chair was Professor Mohini Mohan Bhattacharya. In 1979 in Professor Bhattacharya’s memory a biannual Lectureship was instituted, which is delivered by an invited distinguished person. During the Headship of Professor Sisir Kumar Das, the M.Phil Programme was started in the late 1980s (effective from 1990). Among luminaries who have taught here in the course of history are: H.M.Percival, Heramba Chandra Moitra, Prafulla Chandra Ghosh, Henry Stephen, Mohini Mohan Bhattacharya, Tarak Nath Sen, R.K. Dasgupta, Humphry House, Sisir Kumar Das, A.G. Stock, Jyoti Bhattacharya and many others. The Department has from time to time played host to several celebrated educationists, authors and cultural personalities as visiting faculty and invited speakers, such as: Stephen Spender, J.M.G Le Clézio, André Beteille, Gayatri Chakravarti Spivak, Arindam Chakrabarti, Elleke Boehmer, Tapan Raychaudhuri, U.R. Ananthamoorthy, David Lean, Bill Ashcroft, Geraldine Forbes,  Mrinal Sen, Alka Saraogi and others..

The Department was a pioneer within the University in the field of starting an academic journal pertaining to the various areas of English literature and language. The Journal of the Department of English, which was previously known as the Bulletin of the Department of English, is published annually with contributions from well-known scholars from India and abroad.

The Department has incorporated newer areas of specialisation as per the needs and interests of the changing world. It concentrates on the students’ strong foundation in Classical Literature and also to make them conversant with the contemporary strands of literary styles and theories. The specialised courses offered by the Department include areas as diverse as American Literature and Indian Writing in English, Postcolonialism and Gender Studies, Modernism and Postmodernism and Language Studies, V. Woolf, T.S. Eliot, Harold Pinter and R.K. Narayan. The Department has a vibrant research programme.

The Department has never ceased to produce students, whose brilliance of merit is reflected not only by the consistent good results of the Department every year, but also from the fact that they have found their careers in various walks of life. It has produced authors, poets, philosophers, journalists, linguists, historians, academicians, administrative heads, cultural personalities and lawyers. The students are also enthusiastic about co-curricular activities and often arrange for cultural events. The success of the students and the Department is constituted on the basis of a healthy and productive teacher-student relationship.

Special award/ recognition from UGC or related statutory body : The Department has the UGC funded Special Assistance Programme (DRS) since 2002. Currently the DRS Programme is in SAP-III, Phase III (2013-2015).

Past Issues of the Departmental Journal available online


Faculty Members :
Name Designation Area of specialization Email
Dr Chinmoy Guha
Professor European Literature, French Studies, Modernism
Dr Sinjini Bandyopadhyay
Associate Professor Modern and Post Modern Literature, Postcolonial Theory, Autobiography
Sri Tanmay Ghosh
Associate Professor Phonetics and Phonology, Sociolinguistics, English Language Teaching, Indian English, Communicative English, Classroom Pedagogy, Linguistic Imperialism
Sri Sandip Mondal
Associate Professor Shakespeare, Film Studies, Drama
Dr Rangana Banerji
Associate Professor Nineteenth Century Studies,
Indian Writing in English
Dr Siddhartha Biswas
Associate Professor & HOD 20th Century Drama, American Literature
Roshni Subba
Assistant Professor Indian Writing in English,
Dalit Literature,
Crime and Detective Fiction
Debapriya Paul
Assistant Professor Nineteenth and early twentieth century writings in English
Visiting faculty members :
Name Institutions attached with Period of appointment
Dr Satyaki Pal Ramakrishna Mission Residential College, Narendrapur 2014-
Dr. Sayanti Mitra Rammohan College 2014-
Dr. Sharmistha Chatterjee Aliyah University 2019-
Dr. Mitali Gangopadhyay Mrinalini Datta Mahavidyapith 2014-
Dr. Amrita Sen HRDC, CU 2019-
Dr. Sagar Taranga Mondal Kalyani University  2019-
Dr. Dhrubajyoti Sarkar Kalyani University 2019-

Courses :

Programme Level of study Eligibility Intake capacity
M.A. Postgraduate B.A. (Hons.) in English 250
M.Phil Research M.A. in English 20
Ph.D Research M.A. in English -


Research scholars :
Name Name of the supervisor Date of registration
Aditi Ghosh Dr. Sinjini Bandyopadhyay 24.09.2008
Aditi Sengupta Dr. Sanjukta Das 05.06.2015
Ananya Banerjee Prof. Chinmoy Guha 17.05.2013
Angshuman Mukhopadhyay Prof. (Retd.) Tapati Gupta 05.07.2013
Anindita Mitra Dr Rangana Banerji 16.11.2016
Anindya Sen Dr Sinjini Bandyopadhyay 18.03.2011
Anirban Guha Thakurta Dr Sinjini Bandyopadhyay 18.03.2016
Antara Ghatak Prof. Tirtha Prasad Mukhopadhyay 09.01.2013
Anupama Ray Dr. Sanjukta Das 25.04.2013
Aparna Singh Prof. Sanjukta Dasgupta 20.11.2014
Arindam Ghosh Prof. Chinmoy Guha 20.06.2016
Asim Mondal Prof. Sudeshna Chakravarti 28.03.2012
Atabi Saha Prof. Santanu Majumdar 20.04.2016
Avishek Rath Prof Chinmoy Guha 08.04.2015
Baisampayan Bandyopadhyay Prof. Sudeshna Chakravarti 16.03.2012
Debamitra Kar Dr. Sinjini Bandyopadhyay 22.04.2015
Debanjali Roy Sri Tanmay Ghosh 20.08.2014
Debaprasad Bandyopadhyay Prof (Retd.) Shanta Mahalanobis 23.08.2012
Debarati Maity Dr. Rangana Banerji 25.05.2015
Debarati Roy Chowdhury Prof. Santanu Majumdar 28.09.2011
Debashish Lahiri Prof. (Retd.) Krishna Sen 04.08.2009
Debasri Basu Prof. (Retd.) Jharna Sanyal 29.07.2010
Debdulal Chattopadhyay Sri Tanmay Ghosh 25.03.2014
Debi Mukhopadhyay Prof. (Retd.) Tapati Gupta 30.12.2012
Debmita Adhikary Prof. Sudeshna Chakravarti 29.04.2010
Firoze Basu Prof. Santanu Majumdar 27.08.2013
Godhuli Goswami Prof. Chinmoy Guha 30.01.2015
Indrajit Sarkar Dr. Sinjini Bandyopadhyay 08.04.2015
Jashomati Ghose Prof. Chinmoy Guha 25.05.2015
Jayati Ghosh Prof. Chinmoy Guha 11.04.2014
Jayita Ray Prof. (Retd.) Jharna Sanyal 24.02.2012
Kasturi Joddar Prof. (Retd.) Tapati Gupta 03.03.2015
Kaustabh Bhattacharya Prof. Santanu Majumdar 05.06.2015
Keka Das Prof. Sanjukta Dasgupta 16.11.2016
Monoswita Basu Prof. (Retd.) Jharna Sanyal 27.07.2009
Nibedita Ray Prof. (Retd.) Krishna Sen 07.06.2013
Paban Chakrabarti Dr. Sinjini Bandyopadhyay 13.07.2013
Paramita Bhaduli Prof. Sudeshna Chakravarti 24.11.2014
Parul Bhattacharya Prof. (Retd.) Tapati Gupta 25.01.2011
Piyali Das Prof. (Retd.) Tapati Gupta 01.06.2012
Pratima Banerjee Prof. Sanjukta Dasgupta 17.06.2013
Rajarshi Mukhopadhyay Prof. Tirtha Prasad Mukhopadhyay 31.08.2012
Ranjankumar Adhya Dr. Sinjini Bandyopadhyay 25.09.2013
Rhea Mitra Prof. Mukul Sengupta 05.03.2012
Rhitabrata Chatterjee Dr. Sinjini Bandyopadhyay 04.03.2016
Rituparna Das Sri Tanmay Ghosh 28.03.2012
Rumela Ghosh Prof. Sanjukta Dasgupta 26.02.2013
Sagnik Banerjee Prof. Chinmoy Guha 27.10.2016
Santanu Basu Prof. Krishna Sen 03.06.2013
Saptarshi Mallick Prof. Chinmoy Guha 22.12.2011
Sarmila Mitra Prof. Sudeshna Chakravarti 17.04.2009
Satyabrata Dinda Prof. Santanu Majumdar 05.07.2013
Sayantina Dutta Prof. Tirtha Prasad Mukhopadhyay 27.08.2013
Shabina Nishat Omar Prof. Sanjukta Dasgupta 28.04.2016
Sharanya Dutta Prof. Sudeshna Chakravarti 20.06.2016
Sohini Datta Sri Tanmay Ghosh 25.03.2013
Soma Mondal Dr. Siddhartha Biswas 28.03.2012
Soumi Roy Chowdhury Dr. Sudeshna Kar Barua 26.04.2010
Soumik Banerjee Prof. Chinmoy Guha 22.09.2016
Srabani Goswami Prof. Tirtha Prasad Mukhopadhyay 27.08.2013
Srirupa Mahalanabis Prof. Sanjukta Dasgupta 30.07.2012
Subhasis Chattopadhyay Prof. (Retd.) Krishna Sen 30.10.2014
Subhradeep Datta Prof. (Retd.) Jharna Sanyal 25.04.2013
Subrata Biswas Dr. Rangana Banerji 06.12.2013
Sudipta Mondal Dr. Rangana Banerji 06.08.2015
Suman Pramanik Dr. Rangana Banerji 30.01.2015
Sunandita Sarker Prof. Santanu Majumdar 04.20.2013
Suparna Bhattacharya Dr. Sinjini Bandyopadhyay 05.06.2015
Suranjana Banerjee Prof. (Retd.) Krishna Sen 13.04.2012
Suyasha Mookim Prof. (Retd.) Jharna Sanyal 31.12.2010
Swagata Chatterjee Prof. Sanjukta Dasgupta 21.07.2016
Swati Mitra Prof. (Retd.) Krishna Sen 16.11.2012
Swarupa Gomes Prof. Sanjukta Das 24.03.2012
Tilottama Roy Prof. Sudeshna Chakravarti 01.12.2011
Projects :
Project title Funding agency Principal investigators Duration Budget
DRS (SAP III), Phase III UGC Chinmoy Guha,
Sinjini Bandyopadhyay,
Santanu Majumdar,
Rangana Banerji
2013-2018 5.6 lakhs (p.a.)
Thrust areas in teaching and research of the academic department :

The Department is currently running the DRS-Phase III Research Programme, a UGC funded Special Assistance Programme. The thrust areas are :

  • Textbook Translation and Annotation
  • Story of the Stage: Bengal and Western
  • Film, Women and Home: A Study in Indian Cinema

Research support :

Name of the equipment Brief description Funding agency
Computer (4) Samsung University of Calcutta , UGC
Microphone system (7)   University of Calcutta, UGC
Photocopier-cum-scanner-cum-printer Canon UGC
Printer-cum-scanner HP UGC
Multimedia projector (2) SONY University of Calcutta, UGC
LED TV Samsung UGC
Major activities :
  • The UGC-assisted international conference is arranged annually by the DRS Programme of the Department of English. “Stage and Screen: Representations and Self-discoveries” and “Connecting Texts: Literature, Theatre and Cinema” were the annual seminars held in 2014 and 2015. Among the speakers were luminaries like Anjan Dutt (noted film and theatre personality), Suman Mukhopadhyay (noted film and theatre personality), Kunal Basu (noted author and educationist), Nrisinha Prasad Bhaduri (eminent Indologist and Sanskrit scholar), Dattatreya Dutta (former Professor of English), Dipendu Chakrabarti (former Professor of English and critic), Sohini Sengupta (eminent film and theatre personality), Manasij Majumdar (leading art critic) and so on.
  • The student production of a classic play has become quite an annual event. Six Characters in Search of an Author by Luigi Pirandello (2013) and The Caucasian Chalk Circle by Bertolt Brecht (2014) garnered critical acclaim from all quarters.
  • In May 2015 the students arranged “Raytrospective”, a screening of Satyajit Ray’s Pratidwandi, preceded by a lecture on the film by eminent journalist and critic, Siladitya Sen.

Additional information :

  • Syllabus  [ Click Here ]
  • The faculty members are engaged in publishing articles, monographs, editing of books. The department regularly publishes the departmental Journal. Teachers take part in visiting programmes, conferences, seminars and symposia and are associated, in their individual capacities, with various national and foreign Universities, institutions and literary organisations. Among the teachers are recipients of national and international awards.
  • The Department has a fully furnished modern seminar room. A Smart Classroom is in the process of being created. The Seminar Library is in high demand among the students.


Campus : Asutosh Siksha Prangan (College Street Campus)

Address for communication : Department of English Language and Literature, University of Calcutta, 87/1, College Street, Kolkata-700 073