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The academic researchscape all over the world is marked by dialectical relations between its two key domains, social sciences and humanities. The relations are fascinatingly complex and worth exploring forever. The two domains are not mutually exclusive, yet one does not readily fit into the other. The theories and approaches within both the domains have some evident points of convergence --- at least insofar as the focus on human condition, experience and agency is concerned. They also have substantial degree of divergence in perceptions, analytical frameworks and modes of investigation. At one level, the seam of creativity and criticality is the major motive force of their convergence. At another, the divergence concerns not just methodologies but more holistically the strategy of knowledge creation itself. Also, the relations between social sciences and humanities are often marked by stereotypical (mis)understanding of the other, which does not serve the purpose of either.

The nineteenth century had separated social sciences and humanities. Most of the twentieth century intensified the divide. The twenty first century, however, reveals many interconnections and hybridity involving the two domains. The moot question then is how to explore‐‐‐ philosophically and empirically‐‐‐ the status of social science and humanities in terms both distinct identities and linkages. The identity and status of each discipline in the two domains are important in themselves. But at the same time eclectic research based on flexible methodologies has its own value as they transcend the rigid boundaries and avoid the act of mutual ‘othering’. Therefore, dual exploration in social sciences and humanities‐‐‐ within and outside the key domains ‐‐‐ is needed to make research relevant to stakeholders in academia and beyond.

With the rich intellectual heritage of the University in humanities and social sciences as its supportbase the CSSH seeks to negotiate the challenges of the contemporary times by providing a supportive environment. Its goal is to construct a collage of rigorous academic research‐‐‐ both theoretical and policy‐oriented‐‐‐ in disciplinary, inter‐disciplinary and trans‐disciplinary terms. The modalities include lectures, seminars, colloquia, workshops, round tables, interactive meets, policy interface, talk sessions --- supplemented by peer‐reviewed publications of various kinds.



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