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Year of Establishment : 2014

History of the department : The department of Buddhist studies which has been established in the year 2014 is an Unique one in the scene that it is not only the first of its kind in eastern India but also it has adopted a holistic approach to Buddhism and brought under close scrutiny all its important aspects. In fact, the academic activities of the Department has not only earned encomium but established the truth that Buddhism can regarded as guiding principle for any human society. The Buddhist studies cover a broad area in respect of Buddhism and offer a glimpse of thought process of the Great Teacher-Buddha.


Faculty Members :
Name Designation Area of specialisation Email/Phone number
Dr.  Aisyarya Biswas
Professor & Head Pali, Buddhist Narrative Literature & Art, Buddhist  Philosophy
Dr. Ujjwal Kumar
Associate Professor Pali Language and Literature, Early Buddhism, Pali Niti Literature
Dr. Piyali Chakraborty
Assistant Professor Asian Buddhism and Mahayana Buddhism

Courses :

Programme Level of study Eligibility Intake capacity
M.A. Post Graduate Honours in Humanities Group 40
P. G. Diploma Post Graduate B.A. 20
Ph.D. Research M.A. in Buddhist Studies/Palior allied subjects 18


Research scholars :
Sr. No. Name of the Candidate Research Topic Name of the Supervisor Date of Enrollment Registration No.
1 Nipun Barua   Studies of the Majjhima Nikāya as a Source of Ethico-Religious Foundation of Buddhism Prof. Dr. Aiswarya Biswas 10th June 2019 02507/Ph.D. (Arts.)Proceed/2021/FS.
23rd March 2021. 
2 Tapas Haldar Traces of Secular Tradition in the Theravāda Buddhism Prof. Dr. Aiswarya Biswas 10th June 2019 02566/Ph.D. (Arts.)Proceed/2021.
23rd March 2021. 
3 Soma Roy A Study on Bhāvanā in Buddhism with Special Reference to Bhāvanākrama of Kamalaśīla Prof. Dr. Aiswarya Biswas 10th June 2019 02564/Ph.D. (Arts.)Proceed/2021.
23rd March 2021. 
4 Soumita Roy A Comparative Study on Yab-Yum from Indian and Tibetan Perspective Dr. Piyali Chakraborty 10th June 2019 02568/Ph.D. (Arts.)Proceed/2021.
23rd March 2021. 
5 Prabhu Dayal das Traces of the Buddhist Influence on Post Chaitanya Era (Bengal and Orissa) Dr. Piyali Chakraborty 10th June 2019 02558/Ph.D. (Arts.)Proceed/2021.
23rd March 2021. 
6 Shambhu Prasad Adak. A Historical Study on Pāli Grammatical Literature : Its Genesis and Development. Dr. Ujjwal Kumar 10th June 2019 02561/Ph.D. (Arts.)Proceed/2021.
23rd March 2021. 
7 Chekavati A Study on Buddhist Nunneries and Their Significance in the Myanmar Society. Dr. Ujjwal Kumar 10th June 2019 02502/Ph.D. (Arts.)Proceed/2021/FS. 23rd March 2021. 
8 Huy Hang Wholesome and Unwholesome Deeds : An Analytical Study of their Application in Cambodian Buddhism Dr. Ujjwal Kumar 10th June 2019 02556/Ph.D. (Arts.)Proceed/2021/FS. 23rd March 2021
9 Pannasami A Comprehensive Study on Hindu Temples and Hinduism in Myanmar Dr. Ujjwal Kumar 10th June 2019 02570/Ph.D. (Arts.)Proceed/2021/FS. 23rd March 2021. 
Current Research Projects:
Investigator/s Project Title Granting authority Amount (in INR) Duration
Prof. Aiswarya Biswas (Principal Investigator)
Dr. Piyali Chakraborty (Co-Investigator)
Ms. Dipanwita Mondal (Co-Investigator)
Relation between the University of Calcutta and the University of Rangoon in Respect of Teaching and Learning of Pali vis-a-vis Buddhist Studies. UGC UPE II 13.5 Lakh 2018-20
Dr. Ujjwal Kumar (Principal Investigator)
Dr. Hari Das Sarkar (Co-Investigator)
Dhammaniti: Devanagari Edition with Annotated Hindi Translation UGC UPE II 16.5 Lakh 2018-20

Thrust areas in teaching and research of the academic department : Buddhist studies on different aspects.

Major activities :
  • Organisation of Special lectures in name of Sir Asutosh Mukherjee Commemorative lectures.

Field Trip : Apart from the class-room teaching in Buddhist Studies, the Department of Buddhist Studies organiges Field Trip (academic tours) to various Buddhist sites. A Field Trip is an academic activity which the Department organiges every year, combining traditional classroom learning along with experiential learning to provide adequate understanding of Buddhism to students. Our Field Trip program is a first-hand opportunity to investigate Buddhist geographical sites, Buddhist Culture, Buddhist Art and Architecture, Buddhist paintings, and on the whole a living Buddhist tradition at the original spot of Buddhist heritage. Field Trip program is included in our course curriculum and on the basis of a Field Trip, M.A. I semester students submit their project reports on it. For this program some financial support is also given by the university. Till date, the Department organised following Field Trip:

  • 2019 : Survey of Buddhist Monasteries of Kolkata and Indian Museum, Selected Buddhist Historical Sites of Bihar (Gaya, Bodhgaya, Rajgir and Nalanda).
  • 2017 : Elephanta, Karla, Bhaja in Maharashtra
  • 2016 : Candraketugarh, 24 Pargana (North)


Campus : College Street Campus

Address for communication : Department of Buddhist Studies, University of Calcutta, 87/1, College Street, Kolkata-700 073