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Year of Establishment : 1956

History of the department :  Department of Biochemistry in Calcutta University was established in 1956 by a renowned visionary Prof Biresh Chandra Guha and have just completed a journey of 6 decades in 2016. This Department was first ever in India to introduce a course in Biochemistry and is blessed by having several ‘Great Teachers’ throughout. Prof Jagat Jiban Ghosh’s dynamic teaching skills, accompanied with his wit, brilliance, and humor has engazed and inspired thousands of students in the department for 4 decades. The research environment in the department was brought in by the dedicated efforts of Prof Indu Bhusan Chatterjee and Prof Dhrubajyoti Chattopadhay. By staying relentlessly positive in the face of entrenched bureaucracy their untiring efforts could bring support in the from of COSIST, DSA/CAS and FIST programs for the department to set up research facilities. With their founding initiative and encouragement the department has grown up now to have a thriving teaching/research program. Following the tradition a great emphasis is given on understanding intermediary metabolism and metabolic disorders in our curriculum,. To expose our students with latest concepts and understandings in cellular biochemistry the Syllabus is upgraded/modified almost every two years. We teach Systems Biology that allow students to appreciate the complexity of the biological systems as a whole. The secret of success of this department lies in the academic environment and close ties between teachers and students. While one enjoys such flexibility, a rigid discipline is maintained as far as the classes and projects are undertaken. This makes the department efficient as a research institute minus the official rigidity therein. That’s where the academic atmosphere of our department stands out and makes it an enjoyable Teaching/Learning experience. Research on fundamental problems in the biology and chemistry of life is the driving force of this department. Historically some well cited work was done on Antibiotics action and the antioxidant effect of Vitamin C. Presently, research on Neurobiochemistry, Nanotechnology, Nutrition, Lifestyle diseases, Stress Biochemistry, Microbial ecology, Plant microbe interactions, and Molecular genetics dominate the intense research environment in the Department. We relish our ambitious efforts to understand the molecular basis of life. To explore the present research interests of our faculty go to the Faculty web page. Department sincerely acknowledges the support by Cosist program (1988-1992), DSA Phase I-II-III (1992-2006), DST FIST Phase I-II (2002-2014). CAS Phase I-II (2006 -2017), DBT Builder program (2010-2017) and the support of all well wishers and Visionaries who have assisted in developing our department.

Special award/ recognition from UGC or related statutory body : 

  • Department of Biochemistry awarded the CAS program 2008 onwards (Coordinator Professsor Prasanta Bag )
  • Department of Biochemistry along with Department of Microbiology and Biotechnology was awarded the DBT IPLS (BUILDER) Program
    (Coordinator Professor Maitrayee DasGupta)
  • The current faculty members received the following awards during their tenure
    • 2005  Dr Maitrayee DasGupta : Elected Member of  Guha Research Conference, GRC India
    • 2010  Dr Maitrayee DasGupta :  Fulbright-Nehru  Award, USIEF
    • 2010  Dr Maitrayee DasGupta :  Fellow of National Academy of Sciences (NASI), FNASc, India
    • 2010  Dr Anindita Ukil :  Young Scientist Award by National Academy of Sciences, (NASI) India.
    • 2013  Dr Anindita Ukil :    SERB Women Excellence Award by SERB-DST, India
    • 2014  Dr Anindita Ukil :    Prof. B.K. Bachhawat Memorial Young Scientist Lecture, (NASI), India.
    • 2015  Dr Maitrayee DasGupta   : Prof.Archana Sharma Memorial Award,  Indian Science Congress
    • 2016 Dr Maitrayee DasGupta    : Fellow of West Bengal Science Academy FWAST


Faculty Members
Name Designation Area of specialisation Email/Phone number
Maitrayee DasGupta
Cell Biology
Prasanta Kumar Bag
Professor Immunology and Microbiology
Anirban Siddhanta
Professor & HOD Molecular Cell Biology and Enzymology
Sanjay Ghosh
Professor Microbiology & Cell Biology
Sanghamitra SenGupta
Professor Molecular Biology Genetics and genomics
Anindita Ukil
Asst Professor Immunology Metabolism
Geetanjali Sundarum
Asst Professor Molecular Cell Biology
Ishani Deb
Asst Professor Neurobiochemistry
Alok Ghosh
Asst Professor Biochemistry, Bioenergetics

Visiting faculty members :

Name Institutions attached with Period of appointment
Prof  Dhrubajyoti Chattopadhyay Amity University 2016- onwards
Prof. Sujoy Dasgupta Bose Institute, Kolkata 2008-onwards
Dr. Sumantra Das IICB, Kolkata 2008-onwards
Dr. Subhas Biswas IICB, Kolkata 2015-onwards
Dr Rahul Das IISER Kolkata 2016
Dr Smarajit Polley Bose Institute Kolkata 2016

Courses :

Programme Level of study Eligibility Intake capacity
M.Sc. in Biochemistry PG B.Sc. in Biochemistry,
Biological Science, Physics & Chemistry
Ph.D In Biochemistry   M.Sc. in Biochemistry & other biological Science  
Details of the courses offered [Click Here]


Research Scholars :
Name Research topic Name of the supervisor Date of registration
Abhishek Bhattacharya
NET CSIR (lecturer)
Nanoscale interference in photosynthetic circuitry Prof. Anjan Kr. Dasgupta 22.02.2014
Agamani Ghosal Investigation of the role of MAPK Spc1 in regulation of cell division of Schizosaccharomyces pombe. Dr. Geetanjali Sundaram 13.10.2015
Amit Ghosh Symbiotic plant microbe interactions Dr. Anirban Siddhanta 7/11/2014
Aniket Das Isolation, characterization and applications of cold active lipase obtained from psychrophilic bacteria Professor Krishanu Chakrabarti 15/10/2014
Anindya Kundu
Symbiotic Nitrogen Fixation : role of two-component cytokinin receptors Prof.Maitrayee DasGupta 18/04/2011
Anindita Paul
Symbiotic Nitrogen Fixation : role of Gatekeeper tyrosine phosphorylation of Symbiosis Receptor Kinase Prof.Maitrayee DasGupta 23/8/13
Anish Bhattacharyya Microbial Ecology Prof. Maitree Bhattacharyya 03.06.0214
Dr. Arnab Pramanik Metagenomics Prof. Maitree Bhattacharyya Post Doc
Arpita Poddar EMT and prostate cancer Dr. Sanghamitra Sengupta Not yet registered
Avisek Bhattacharya
Symbiotic Nitrogen Fixation : Hierarchical phoshorylations in  Gatekeeper vs Activation loop in Symbiosis Receptor Kinase Prof.Maitrayee DasGupta 24/12/12
Ayan Chakraborty A   systems  approach  to  Cellular  and  Bio-molecular Translation  of  Stress and  its  Regulation Prof. Anjan Kr. Dasgupta 20.01.2016
Bijurica Chakraborty Towards understanding host gene regulation in P. falciparum mediated malaria Dr. Sanghamitra Sengupta Not yet registered
Chiranjit Panja
Characterizing the effects of Nitrosative Stress in Saccharomyces cerevisiae using Proteomic Analysis Prof. Sanjay Ghosh 5.07.2013
Rajlakshmi Das
Symbiotic Nitrogen Fixation : Role of the TF Cyclops Prof.Maitrayee DasGupta 28/12/15
Debojyoti Roy Microbial Ecology Prof. Maitree Bhattacharyya 21.08.2014
Deepmala Karmakar
TGF-beta signaling and prostate cancer Dr. Sanghamitra Sengupta Not yet registered
Dr. Dibakar Sahoo Quantum Dot influence in biomolecules Prof. Anjan Kr. Dasgupta PDF 26.12.2015
Indranil Karmakar
Studies on the role of Phosphatidyl 4 phosphate 5 kinase (PIP5K) in cell cyle regulation Prof Anirban Siddhanta Not yet registered
Jyoti Shaw
NET CSIR (lecturer)
Nanoscale Management of Cellular Stress Response Prof. Anjan Kr. Dasgupta 17.05.2013
Kakali Ghoshal Molecular Medicine Prof. Maitree Bhattacharyya 13.01.2014
Kanchan Karmakar
Transcriptomics of root nodule symbiosis in Arachis hypogaea Prof.Maitrayee DasGupta Not yet registered
Kaninika Roy Understanding the role of Circadian clock in Opioid addiction= a comparative study of disturbed circadian clock between neuron and glia. Dr. Ishani Deb Not yet registered
Madhurima Chakrabarty Elucidating the Mechanistic Details of Oscillation of Energy Transfer Between Two Photosystems Prof Maitrayee DasGupta 30.07.2012
Madhurima Paul Investigation of the crosstalks between DNA damage sensing machinery and the MAPK pathway in Schizosaccharomyces pombe. Dr. Geetanjali Sundaram 30.07.2012
Manas Guria Nanobiotechnology Prof. Maitree Bhattacharyya 13.02.2012
Md. Azharuddin Nanoscale interactions in mammalian eye Prof. Anjan Kr. Dasgupta 07.09.2012
Dr. Md. Motiar Rahaman Khan Multifunctional nano-materials for management and sensing of environmental toxicants. Prof. Anjan Kr. Dasgupta 22.01.2015
Dr. Neekkan Dey Nanoparticle contents  in smoke Prof. Anjan Kr. Dasgupta 03.02.2015
Monolina Sarkar
Symbiotic Nitrogen Fixation : Significance of T3SS in Nod Factor Independent Nodulation Prof.Maitrayee DasGupta 19/12/13
Moumita Das Role of Circadian clock in Cerebral ischemic stroke Dr. Ishani Deb Not yet registered
Dr. Pijush Basak Metagenomics Prof. Maitree Bhattacharyya DST  Fast track Scientist
Pinaki Banerjee    Investigation of functional switching of Atf1 during mitotic progression in S.pombe. Dr Geetanjali Sundaram Not yet registered
Dr. Poulami Mandal Structural Biology Prof Maitree Bhattacharrya DST  Fast track Scientist
Pramita Bhattacharya Understanding the role of Circadian clock in Opioid addiction – single nucleotide polymorphism of period proteins and epigenetic regulation of clock components Dr. Ishani Deb Not yet registered
Pramita Choudhury Studying the genetic basis of immunopathology in malaria Dr. Sanghamitra Sengupta Not yet registered
Prativa Naskar Studies on Pathogenicity of some Enteric Bacteria with particular reference to Aeromonas species Professor  Prasanta  k. Bag 09/03/2012
Pritha Ganguly Role of a RNA binding PPR in root nodule symbiosis Prof.Maitrayee DasGupta Not yet Registered
Puranjoy Kar
Characterizing the role of Sty 1 and Pap1 in Schizosaccharomyces pombe under nitrosative stress Prof. Sanjay Ghosh 30.04.2015
Puspita DasRoy New approaches in designing and analyzing diseases markers Prof. Anjan Kr. Dasgupta 22.07.2010
Rimpa  Paul
Understanding the role of Circadian clock in Opioid addiction – Significance of post translational modification of clock components Dr. Ishani Deb Not yet registered
  Rituparna Saha Isolation and characterization of lignin degrading enzymes from fungi Prof.Krishanu Chakrabarti Not yet registered
Rudra Ray Understanding the adaptive responses in jute under stress conditions Professor Krishanu Chakrabarti   17/3/2010
Rudardip Pattanayak Structural Biology Prof. Maitree Bhattacharyya 30.04.2015  
Saikat Saha  Studies on the mechanism of promoter discrimination by Atf1 during oxidative stress response in S.pombe Dr Geetanjali Sundaram Not yet Registered
Sampurna Datta
Characterizing the role of reactive oxygen and reactive nitrogen species in cellular autophagy. Prof. Sanjay Ghosh 10.04.2014
Sanhita Roy
Microbial community inspired synthetic biology, nanotechnology and quantum biology Prof. Anjan Kr. Dasgupta 30.01. 2013
Sanmitra Basu Exploring the role of DNA repair machinery in pathogenesis of prostate cancer Dr. Sanghamitra Sengupta 14.01.2013
Dr. Satabdi Banerjee Environmental Toxicology Prof Maitree Bhattacharrya Post doc
Samrat  Bhattacharrya
Artificial root Nodule induction in Non nodulators Prof.Maitrayee DasGupta Not yet registered
Saugata Ray Production and Prperties of Industrially
Important Cellulase and Xylanase
Isolated from Fungus
Prof. Sanjay Ghosh 26.05.09
Sohan Sengupta Microbial Ecology Prof. Maitree Bhattacharyya 23.08.2012
Sohom Bose Elucidation of role of Downstrem of Kinase 3 (DOK3) in leishmania macrophage interaction Dr Anirban Siddhanta Not yet registered
Sohini Guha
Symbiotic Nitrogen Fixation :  Mechanism of Nod factor independent Nodulation Prof.Maitrayee Dasgupta 25/6/13
Sri Sourav Kumar Patra
Studies on the nitrosative stress tolerance mechanisms in Vibrio cholerae Prof. Sanjay Ghosh Registration in process.
Sharmistha Ghoshal
Exploring the mechanism of erythrocyte invasion by P. falciparum Dr. Sanghamitra Sengupta Not yet registered
Shritoma Sengupta Isolation and characterization of laccase and protease from microbial source Prof. Krishanu Chakrabarti Not yet registered
Subhadipa Majumder
Investigating molecular pathomechanisms of benign hyperplasia and adenocarcinoma of human prostate gland Dr. Sanghamitra Sengupta 31.7.15
Subhamoy Chakraborty CSIR-NET Characterizing the role of SIRT1 in Nitric oxide induced autophagy Prof. Sanjay Ghosh Registration in process.
Sudip Nag Nanobiotechnology Prof. Maitree Bhattacharyya 22.04.2015
Sudipta Chakraborty Studies on antileishmanial activity of arsenic nanoparticle Dr. Anirban Siddhanta 9/12/2014
Sushobhana Bandyopadhyay Investigation of the novel roles of the transcription factor, Atf1 in regulating the cell cycle of Schizosaccharomyces pombe. Dr. Geetanjali Sundaram 09.09.2013
Dr. Tanusri Karmakar Molecular Medicine Prof. Maitree Bhattacharyya Post Doc
Teesta Naskar
Investigation of the genetic predisposition to Dyslexia using a family based study Dr. Sanghamitra Sengupta 13/1/2014
Turban Kar Structural Biology Prof. Maitree Bhattacharyya 30.04.2015
Soumyabrata Banerjee, ICMR-SRF Neurobiochemistry Prof. M.K.Poddar 18.06.2013
Rahul Mazumder Neurobiochemistry Prof. M.K.Poddar 01.02.2016
Md. Fazlul Karim Neurobiochemistry Prof. M.K.Poddar 23.03.2015
Sreejit Ghosh Neurobiochemistry Prof. M.K.Poddar 14.08.2013
Projects :
Departmental Support Programs
Project title Funding agency Coordinator Duration Budget
DBT IPLS with Depts of Biotechnology, Microbiology DBT BUILDER Maitrayee DasGupta 2010 - 2017 1350 lacs
UGC-CAS (Phase II) UGC Prasanta Kr. Bag 2012 - 2017 152 lacs.
Individual Faculty  Projects
Project title Funding agency Principal investigator Duration Budget
Nanotechnology inspired synthetic biology DBT Anjan Dasgupta 2015-2018 23.42 Lacs
Nanotechnology enabled diagnostic and therapeutic approaches in iron overloding in thalassemia WB DBT Anjan Dasgupta 2013-2016 12.40 Lacs
Centre of Excellence in Systems Biology and Biomedical Engineering World Bank Anjan Dasgupta(Network) 2013-2016 5.0 crores
Evaluating the role of Theaflavin tagged with nanoconjugate in Ovarian cancer induced rat  NTRF Santasree Mazumder 2014-2017 24.19 Lacs
Cataloguing the microbial diversity of Sundarbans in the back drop of climate change World Bank M. Bhattacharyya 2010-2017 6.2 Crores
Inventorization and database creation on microbial diversity along Indian coast NCSCM (MOEF, GOI)  M. Bhattacharyya 2015-2017 68 Lacs
Relevance of Adiponectin Metabolism in type 2 diabetes; A biochemical and genetic perspective UGC M. Bhattacharyya 2015-16 9.21 Lacs
India-UK Nitrogen fixation centre (IUNFC)
A multi-institutional  INDOUK program project with OXFORD University UK
DBT INDO_UK Newton Bhaba Maitrayee DasGupta 2016-2019 1.8 Crores (CU)
Decipher the symbiotic programme in tropical legumes with Dr. Fabienne Cartieaux,   Dr.Pierre Czernic , LSTM , France  CEFIPRA (Indo French) Maitrayee DasGupta 2014-2017  61.48 Lakhs (CU)
Symbiotic Nitrogen Fixation with Sagarmoy Ghosh
Dept of Microbiology, CU
DBT-Centre for Excellence and Innovation in Biotechnology Maitrayee DasGupta 2010-2016 3.68 Crores
Characterizing the role of Sty1 and Pap1 under nitrosative stress in Schizosaccharomyces pombe." DBT Sanjay  Ghosh 2015-2018  45.44 Lacs
 “Elucidation of the Role of Differentially Phosphorylated Dok-3  in the Biogenesis of Phagolysosome in Leishmania donovani Infected Macrophages” PI: Dr. Uma Siddhanta, , St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata; WB-DBT Anirban Siddhanta
(As Co investigator)
2015-2018 29.9 Lacs
Towards understanding host gene regulation in P. falciparum malaria, DST-SERB Sanghamitra . Sengupta 2014-2017  50 Lacs
P falciparum merozoite invasion of human erythrocytes, DBT, WB Sanghamitra. Sengupta 2015-2018 25 Lacs
Decoding the genetics of host-parasite interaction during erythrocyte invasion by P.falciparum in human malaria, UGC- MRP Sanghamitra. Sengupta 2015-2018 17 Lacs
TGFβ signaling and Prostate cancer, ICMR Sanghamitra. Sengupta 2015-2018 49 Lacs
"The roles of IL-17 and IL-23 in the protection against leishmania infection" UGC - ISF
Anindita Ukil 2016-2019 77.68 lacs
“Role of lipid mediator in modulation of host defence by the protozoan parasite Leishmania donovani” DST SERB Anindita Ukil 2013-2016 37 Lacs.
“Role of anti-apoptotic protein Mcl-1 in Leishmania donovani-induced cytoprotection of infected macrophages” DST SERB Women Excellence award Anindita Ukil 2013-2016 18 Lacs.
“Role of inflammasome mediated IL-1β dependent Host Response during Infection by the Protozoan Parasite Leishmania donovani”, W B DBT Anindita Ukil 2015-2018 20.68 Lacs.
Investigation of the functional switching of the transcription factor Atf1 in Schizosaccharomyces pombe DST SERB Geetanjali. Sundaram 2016-2018 56 lacs
Role of tyrosine phosphorylation in regulating circadian rhythm during morphine addiction and its associated relapse UGC Ishani Deb 2014-2016  6 lakh
The effect of ischemic stroke on Circadian Clock: a comparative study between neuron and glia. DST Fast track, Ishani Deb 2016-2019 25.45 lakh
Collaborations :
Title of the programme Principal collaborator of the department Name and address of the collaborating institution Principal collaborator of the collaborating institution Duration of the programme
India-UK Nitrogen fixation centre (IUNFC)
A multi-institutional  INDOUK program project
Maitrayee DasGupta Division of Plant Sciences
University of Oxford UK

Division of Molecular Microbiology
John Innes Centre, UK
Prof P.S. Poole

Prof R Dixon
Decipher the symbiotic programme in tropical legumes Maitrayee DasGupta Laboratory of Symbiosis for Tropical Legumes, Montpelier France Dr. Fabienne Cartieaux,   Dr.Pierre Czernic 2014-2017
LFQMS of SYMRK for profiling its phosphorylation Maitrayee DasGupta Department of Molecular and Structural Biochemistry, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC, USA Dr Michael B. Goshe 2010 onwards
Crysral structures for SYMRK Maitrayee
Bose Institute, Kolkata Dr Ajit Bikram Dutta 2014 onwards
Sulphur Oxidising Bradyrhizobia Maitrayee
Dept of Microbiology, Calcutta University Dr Sukhendu Mandal 2013 onwards
Thalassemia in Eastern India A.Dasgupta IHTM, Calcutta Medical College Prof. M.Bhattacharya , Head Hematology 2013 Onwrds
Cheaters and Workers A.DAsgupta Bose Institure ( DBT BIRAC project ) Dr. Soumen Roy, Bose Institute 2014 ,Onwards
The roles of IL-17 and IL-23 in the protection against Leishmania infection Anindita Ukil Department Life Sciences, Ben-Gurion University Dr Amir Aharoni 2016-2019
Thrust areas in teaching and research of the academic department:
  • Teaching :
    • Biomolecules
    • Enzymology
    • Metabolism
    • Cell Biology
    • Molecular Biology
    • Microbiology
    • Immunology
    • Bioinformatics
  • Research  :
    • Stress Biochemistry
    • Microbial Ecology
    • Molecular Medicine
    • Biomaterial 
    • Plant Microbe interaction
Research support :
Name of the equipment Brief description Funding agency
Ultracentrifuge Beckman Coulter Model Optima XPN-90 DST-Purse
Ultra centrifuge Beckman Coulter Model Optima DST FIST
FPLC Unichromal   Model 1500-2008 DST FIST
Plant Growth Chamber Eyela FLI -2000 Modern Biology/UPE
Freezer Heto   Model Ultro Freeza Modern biology/UPE
Sequencing Machine Applied Biosystems 3500
(8 Capillary System)
(Phase II)
Shaker Incubator EYELA , Model No. LTI 601SD DBT-IPLS
DLS Malvern  Model Zetasizer Nano UGC CAS (Phase I)
Shaker Incubator ORBITEK – LEBT, Sl. No. 2011 400 074 DBT-IPLS
Spectrophotometer Varian, Model No.: CARY 50 DST-FIST
Spectrophotometer Agilent Technologies, CARY- 60 DST-FIST
Spectrofluorometer           Agilent Technologies, CARY Eclipse DST-FIST
Spectrophotometer JASCO  Model V630 Modern Biology/UPE
Spectrophotometer Hitachi  Model U2900 DST FIST
Spectrofluorometer Hitachi  Model F-7000 DST FIST
PCR Machine BIO-RAD, Model No. MJMini UGC-CAS(Phase- I)
Stereotactic Apparatus Leica  Model CM1850 DST FIST
Semi automated Analyser Model No. : Microlab 300 DST-FIST
Refrigerated Centrifuge  HERMLE, Model No.: Z 36 HK DBT-IPLS
Cold Room Blue Star DST- FIST
Floor Standing Cryostat JASCO, Model No. J-815 DST-FIST
Mass Spectroscopy facility MALDI-BRUKER Model Ultra Fiex Treme /LCMS-Bruker Model- Maxis Inpact DBT IPLS
Confocal Microscope Olympus  Model IX81 DBT IPLS
Atomic Force Microscope Bruker Axs Pvt. Ltd. Model Veeco VI INNOVA DBT IPLS
Phosphorimager GE HEALTHCARE  Model Typhointriox DBT IPLS
Isothermal Calorimeter Malvern  Model Microcal ITC 200 DBT IPLS
Gel DOC /ChemiDoc BIO RAD   Model XRS+ DBT IPLS
CD Spectrophotometer JASCO Model J-815 DST FIST
Major activities :
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Additional information : Previous years Question paper


Campus : Tarak Nath Palit Trust Prangan (Ballygange Campus)

Address for communication : Department of Biochemistry, University of Calcutta, 35, Ballygunge Circular Road, Kolkata - 700019, West Bengal, India