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Year of Establishment : 1987

History of the department : The seed of this Department was sown by Prof. Meghnad Saha, FRS, then Palit Professor of Physics who ventured to expand research and teaching to two newly emerging and challenging frontiers, viz nuclear physics and biophysics. At that time, L.Marton at RCA, Stanford and Ernst Ruska at Siemens, Germany independently constructed the world’s first ELECTRON MICROSCOPES, using electrons instead of visible light and extended man’s power to peep into the as yet unseen inner worlds of microbes and viruses.

Motivated and enthused by Prof. Saha, N.N.Dasgupta, his junior colleague, joined the laboratory of Marton to master the technical know-how of constructing the electron microscope so that he could replicate that here in our Rajabazar Science College campus. Upon his return to India, Prof. Dasgupta became the head of the Biophysics Division of the fledgling Saha Institute.

The most significant achievements of Prof. Dasgupta’s group were the fabrication of the first Electron Microscope in Asia and pioneering application of radioactive isotopes in biomedical research.

During 1970's Prof. Dasgupta and Prof. Ramendra Kumar Poddar joined the Physics department, Calcutta University where they started teaching and research activities on the subjects like biophysics, molecular biology and genetics. With time it was felt that a new full two-year M.Sc. course should be designed which can be imparted to undergraduates from both physical and biological sciences streams in the same class in an integrated manner. This obviously necessitated creation of a separate Department. Subsequently, the Department of Biophysics, Molecular Biology & Genetics was born in 1987. With the spread of computational methods in biological sciences, it was gradually felt that the new discipline of Bioinformatics should become an integral part of the teaching and research programme of the department and the department was renamed as Department of Biophysics, Molecular Biology & Bioinformatics.

Awards and accomplishments : The department is currently recognized by the UGC as a Center of Excellence in Biophysics and is a recipient of DST-FIST funding. Many of our M.Sc. and Ph.D. students are now placed in various research and teaching positions in universities and research institutes of eminence in India and abroad.


Faculty Members :
Name Designation Area of specialization Email
Prof. Sarmistha Raychaudhuri
Professor & HOD Plant Biology (In vitro & in vivo)
Prof. Sudip Kundu
Professor Computational Systems Biology
Dr. Sukla Ghosh 
Professor Developmental Biology
Dr. Ansuman Lahiri
Professor Biophysics
Dr. Sumita Sengupta
Assistant Professor Regulation of gene expression in Cancer
Dr. Runa Sur
Assistant Professor Inflammation & Cancer Biology
Name Area of specialisation Contact
Dr. Sudipta Bhowmik
Biophysical Chemistry
DST Women Scientist :
Name Area of specialisation Contact
Dr. Jaya Bhattacharyya Biophysical Chemistry

Courses :

Programme Level of study Eligibility Intake capacity
M.Sc. in Biophysics & Molecular Biology
M.Sc. A candidate who has passed 3 year B.Sc. Examination with Honours in Physics, Chemistry, Zoology, Botany, Physiology, Biochemistry or Microbiology having  minimum 55% marks in Honours course and having secured at least 60% marks in each of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology in +2 level. 22
Ph.D.  Programme Ph.D. in Biophysics, Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics M.Sc. (through RET)  


Major areas :
  • Molecular mechanism of diseases, tissue regeneration
  • Conformational studies of biopolymers
  • Micropropagation of plants
Recently acquired equipments :
  • LC-MS/MS Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer, Make: Shimadzu
  • UV-Vis Spectrophotometer, Model: UV1800, Shimadzu
  • Nanodrop Spectrophotometer, Model: Q33216, Invitrogen
  • Fluorescence Spectrophotometer, Model: Fluoromax4, Horiba


Campus : Rasbehari Shiksha Prangan (Rajabazar Science College)

Address for communication : Department of Biophysics, Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics, 92 A.P.C. Road, Kolkata 700009, West Bengal, India, Telephone: +91 33 2350 8386 (extn. 321), Website: (External site)