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University Publications

Sl. No. Name of the Book Author Price (Rs.)
1. Recent Development in International Law J. W. Garner 21.25
2. Reciprocal Pollars of Conic Section K. P. De 10.00
3. Rural Self Govt. Dr. Naresh Chandra Ray 2.81
4. Religions life in Ancient India D. C. Sircar 12.00
5. Religion & Culture of the Jaina D. C. Sircar 12.00
6. (The) Relation of the Individual to the State : Charu Chandra Ghosh Memorial Lecture Sri P.N.Saprue 3.00
7. Report on the Study of Mathematics on the Continent of Europe W.H.Young 20.00
8. Religious Experience of Mankind Sobha Rani Bose 20.00
9. Romance of Indian Journalism J. N. Bose 75.00
10. Revival of the Tamil Vaishnava Bhakti Movement in North India in Modern Times   50.00
11. Reading Keats Today Prof. Surabhi Banerjee 60.00