Notice --- Calcutta University-Uppsala University Exchange programme, Department of History
NOTICE --- The AISHE Nodal Officers of all the affiliated colleges of this University are directed to
upload the DCF 2 of their respective colleges
Research Fellow --- Department of Physics
Project Fellow --- Center for Research in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (CRNN)
Two Project Fellows --- Department of Applied Psychology
One Research Project Fellow (JRF) --- Department of Physiology
Application for the position of Guest Faculty in various subjects of Commerce, Statistics & Economics --- Department of Commerce
Notice --- The Circulation Section, Central Library
Office Order/67A/2017      Date: March 8, 2017
The UGC-HRDC, University of Calcutta proposes to organize a two-day workshop on
‘Stress Management’ during 29-30 March 2017, in the N R Sen Hall/ Meghnad Saha Auditorium
at Rajabazar Science College Campus
Notification CSR/09/17 dt. 8th March 2017
[Home Center for Practical Examination of Economics Honours (Paper-VIIIB of ECOA)]
Two Research Fellows --- Department of Biochemistry
Revised draft Syllabus for Environmental Science (Honours) Courses
[Vide notifications no.152-Edn(U)/CU­ O1/16, dated 14.02.2017 issued by the Chancellor's Secretariat]
Notice No: BD/02/R.A./B.A./B.Sc./Pt.-1 Gen./2017
[The meeting of the Sub-Committee for B.A/B.Sc. Part-1 General Examination, 2016 scheduled to be held on Tuesday, the 28th February, 2017 has been postponed ]
Junior Research Fellow (JRF) --- Department of Microbiology
Hindi (Mil) Textbook
Draft syllabus for History (Honours)
Two Senior Research Fellows (SRF) --- Department of Biochemistry
Research Associate (RA) --- Department of Biophysics, Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics
Inter-Collegiate Cricket (Men) Tournament for the year 2016-2017 --- Department of Sports [Rules & Fixture]
Research Fellow --- Department of Chemical Technology
Departmental Audit Query form
[Group Mediclaim Insurance Scheme is being continued with The Oriental Insurance Co. Ltd., Corporate Business Unit, Kolkata for the year 2017]
MEMORANDUM --- Last date of submission of bills (other than salary bills) for the current
Financial year 2016-17 has been fixed as on 28.02.17
Workshop on ‘E-procurement and Utilisation of Financial Resources’
One Junior Research Fellow (JRF) --- Department of Biochemistry
Interview for selection of Assistant Professor --- A.K.Chowdhury School of Information Technology
Notice ---- To The Principal of all colleges with Honours in Geography, University of Calcutta
[Urgent information required for Practical examination in GEOGRAPHY (GEOA) at B.A/B.Sc Part-III (Honours) Examination, 2017]
Medal Award Ceremony
SRF --- Department of Polymer Science & Technology
All India Inter University American Football (Men) Tournament for the year 2016-201 --- Department of Sports
NOTICE --- Reintroduce awarding of gold medal to the students securing 1st position in 1st class in one and the first chance as a regular student in different post-graduate degree examinations of the University since 1984
Circular for the position of Deans in the F.C for PG Studies in Arts and Fine Arts, Music and Home Science
E-Tender for purchase of goods/work contract of value above Rs 5 lakh
List of Central executive committee members of CU Students' Union, 2017
Inter-Collegiate Cricket (Men) Tournament of for the year 2016-2017 --- Department of Sports
The list of Executive Committee Members (Elected Unopposed) of CU Students' Union, 2017
List of 15 candidates for CU Students' Union Executive Committee Election, 2017
Matter to be published in the University Website
Draft Syllabus for three-year B.A. Honours degree course of studies in Political Science
Notification --- CUSU Executive committee election, 2017
List of Elected Class Representatives [Elected unopposed]
[CU Students’ Union Election, 2017]
List of Elected Class Representatives [Elected through poll]
[CU Students’ Union Election, 2017]
Notification --- Students’ Union Election [Date:27.01.2017]
Lists of valid nominations after withdrawal
[CU Students’ Union Election, 2017]
Draft Syllabus for Three-year Honours course in Microbiology
Two Technical Assistants --- Department of Chemical Technology
Two Junior Research Fellows --- Department of Polymer Science and Technology
Revised schedule relating to CU Students’ Union Election, 2017 & Status of Nominations (After Scrutiny)
Notification & Withdrawal form of Nomination --- Students’ Union Election [Date:19.01.2017]
One Research Associate --- Department of Atmospheric Sciences
One Junior Research Fellow --- Department of Geology
Submission of Evaluation Report of UGC funded MRP [vide F. No. 40-327/2011 (SR)] --- Department of Botany
Notification --- Students’ Union Election [Date:13.01.2017]
Draft Syllabus for Three-Year B.A. (Honours) Courses in Journalism & Mass Communication
CORRIGENDUM --- Project Fellow in Centre with Potential for Excellence in a Particular Area (CPEPA)
Notification --- Students’ Union Election
[Venue for receiving the nominations on 16.01.2017]
Notification --- Students’ Union Election
[ Submission of original nomination forms alongwith two of its photocopies to the
respective HODs/Coordinators / Directors on 16.01.2017 centrally at the College Street Campus ]
FIXTURE --- Inter Collegiate Volleyball (men) Tournament 2016-17
Notification --- Students’ Union Election
[No. R/ 02/Notice (2017)   &    No. R/ 01/Notice (2017) Date: 10.01.2017]
Notification --- Students’ Union Election
[In terms of Resolution adopted in the Emergency Syndicate Meeting dated 05.01.2015]
Financial assistance under the scheme of "Dr. Ambedkar Scheme for Celebration of Birth/Death Anniversary of Grant Saints"
Draft Syllabus for 3- year (6 semester) Honours Course in Human Development
Junior Research Fellows --- Centre for Urban Economic Studies
Proposed Revised Syllabus for three – year major degree courses of studies Industrial Fish & Fisheries
Schedule of Distribution of New Students’ Registration Checklists along with Block-lists
for U.G. & P.G. Students for the Session 2016-2017
Notification --- Students’ Union Election [Date : 04.01.2017]
The Nomination form for Students’ Union Election for class representatives 2017
West Bengal Right to public Service Act, 2013
Entrance Tests for admission in M.Phil. and other courses scheduled to be held from
2nd January to 28th January 2017 will remain unchanged
PROJECT MANPOWER --- Department of Jute and Fibre Technology
Notification --- Students’ Union Election (Notification No- C/642/, Date: 30-12-2016)
State-level Teachers' Convention
Notification --- Students’ Union Election 2017 & Election Schedule
All theoretical examinations conducted by the academic departments of University of Calcutta scheduled to be held on & from 2nd January 2017 to 28th January 2017, stand postponed until further orders.
Project Fellow --- Department of Chemical Technology
Corrigendum to the advertisement No. Est./568/39A dated 01-12-2016 for appointment to the
Posts of Whole-time Officers in the University of Calcutta
Draft Course Curriculum for Music (Honours)
Project Fellow --- Centre with Potential for Excellence in Particular Area (CPEPA)
Enrolment Certificate for Admission to Ph.D. Programme
One Phulrenu Guha Research Fellowship --- Dr. B. C. Guha Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology
New revised Examination Regulation, w.e.f. academic session 2016-2017 (CSR/62/16, Dt. 02.12.2016)
One JRF --- Department of Applied Physics
Notification --- Students’ Union Election (Date : 26-12-2016)
[For colleges located within the jurisdiction of Kolkata Police]
Notification --- Students’ Union Election
NOTICE ---- Inter-Collegiate Tournament of Volleyball (Men) and Kho-Kho (Men and Women) for the year 2016-2017
to be organised by Department of Sports, University of Calcutta is going to be held shortly
One Junior Research Fellow (JRF) ---- Department of Polymer Science and Technology
Draft syllabus for Computer Science (Honours)
Draft syllabus for Electronics (Honours)
Draft syllabus for Geology (Honours)
Draft syllabus for Botany (Honours)
Draft syllabus for Anthropology (Honours)
One Senior Research Fellow (SRF) --- Department of Botany
Draft syllabus for B.A/B.Sc. (Honours) in Psychology
Draft syllabus for B.A. (Honours) in Education
Extension of Date of submission of Registration Forms for the session 2016-2017
Advertisement for the position of Raja Thodarmal Geo Special Chair Professor
New M.Phil. CSR [Common]
Draft syllabus for B.A (Honours) in English
Draft syllabus for B.A (Honours) in Bengali
Draft Course Structure for Honours and General, Prepared under CBCS System
Notification No. CSR/66/16
[Maternity Leave]
Notification No. CSR/65/16
[Introduction of Child care leave (CCL)]
Notification no. CUS/151/16, dt. 05.12.2016
Revised Syllabus for three-year (Honours and General) Courses of Studies in Chemistry
Application for Appointment to the posts of
Deputy Controller of Examinations, Deputy Registrar (BCW), Secretary, FC for PG Studies in Arts & Commerce,
Secretary, Council for Under Graduate studies, Sports Officer and Assistant Controller of Examinations

Consultancy Projects --- Financial Year 2015-16
[ The last date of submission of annual Life Certificate of all categories of pensioners/ family pensioners of Non-Govt.
Educational Institutions has been extended upto 15th January, 2017 ]
Notification no. CSR/59/1,6 dated 15.11.2106
[Modified guideline for Paper-VIIIB (Practical) of three-year (Honours) Courses of Studies in Education]
Regulation for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy, Ph.D. [Regulations 2016]
Circular C/576 Dated 26th October, 2016
[Software Training Workshop on FOSS (Free & Open Source Software)]
Notification No. CSRI 57 /16
[Revised modalities for holding practical examinations for the B.A./B.Sc./B.Com. Part- I/II/III
(Honours, General and Major) course of study]
Circular (Ref. No-C/575/Circular date-26/10/2016)
The Principal / Teacher-in-Charge of all the Colleges Affiliated to the
University of Calcutta
[ Admission information of 2016-17 in respect of B.A, B.Sc, B.Com & other UG Courses ]
[The Resolution of the Syndicate dated 04.10.2016]
Smart Campus Cloud Network
Guideline for 'Earn While You Learn' under UPE II
Purchase and Works Manual 2016
The 24th West Bengal State Science and Technology Congress, 2017
organised by
Department of Science & Technology, Government of West Bengal
Circular No. C/451 dated 18th August, 2016
[ Planning of Spoken-Tutorial Software Training programme for the academic year 2016-2017 ]
NOTICE --- Partial modification of the Theoretical Programme of B.A./B.Sc. Part - I (General) Examination, 2016 (under 1+1+1 System)
Circular No. C/431 dated 01st August, 2016
[ Linking of Aadhar /UID Number with the bank A/C regarding SC/ST/OBC Post-Matric Stipend ]
Revised Proposed Academic Programmes for the FY: 2016-2017 --- UGC-Human Resource Development Centre (HRDC)
(Formerly UGC-Academic Staff College)
Notification No. CSR/37/16, Dt. 02.08.2016
[Partial amendment of clause(4) of the Admission Regulation (notification no. CSR/21/16, dt. 06.05.2016)]
Circular (C/386/ dated 08th July, 2016)
The Principals / Teachers-in-Charge
of all the Colleges affiliated
to the University of Calcutta
[ provision of persons with Disabilities Act, 1995 ]
Notification no. CSR/34/16, Dt. 14.07.2016
New Revised Syllabus of Zoology (Honours and General)
ADDENDUM - Post-Graduate courses in C.U. affiliated colleges
[ It is notified for general information of all concerned that the name of the Account of the University shall have to be
“University of Calcutta" in lieu of "Calcutta University”.]
Circular To
The Principals/Teachers-in-Charge of all the Colleges affiliated to the University of Calcutta
[ Provision of Guest House Facilities to the Officials of University Grants Commission]
Circular To
The Principals/Teachers-in-Charge of all the Colleges affiliated to the University of Calcutta
[ Promotion of Organ Donation]
Department of Commerce, University of Calcutta
is organising
an IFRS training cum workshop session in collaboration with ACCA / ISDC
Circular To
The Principals of all Affiliated Colleges for the B.A./ B.Sc./ B.Com./ B.Mus.
Degree Courses of Studies under the University of Calcutta.

[UGC regulations/ notifications pertaining to menace of ragging, sexual harassment of women teachers, employees and students persons with physical disabilities and refund of fees by the Higher Education Institutions ]
Submission of Salary, Overtime and Holiday Bills to Audit and Account Departments
Notification No. CSR/25/16, dt. 03.6.2016
[Partial amendment in the syllabus of Direct and Indirect Taxation of B.Com. (Honours and General) Courses of Studies ]
Declaration for proposed income tax savings investments and other information for the financial year 2016-17

Annual Financial Estimates for the year 2017-18 & Revised Estimates for the year 2016-17
Notice --- Partial modification of the allotment of seats for the B.Com. Part-III (under 1+1+1 system) Honours Examination, 2016
Financial Calendar for the year 2016-17
Proposed Academic Programmes for the FY: 2016-2017 --- UGC-Human Resource Development Centre (HRDC)
Schedule regarding Registration of the students admitted for the academic session 2016-2017
NOTICE --- Implementation of each and every sections and sub-sections of Persons with Disabilities Act, 1995
Notice to the UGC Fellows
Registration Application Form for the Session 2016-17
List of students awarded “Endowment Scholarship/Fellowship” for the year 2014-15 & 2015-16
Endowment Travelling/Foreign Scholarships/Fellowships for the year 2016-2017
Notification No. CSR/21/16
[ Regulations relating to Admission for the Three-Year B.A./B.Sc./B.Com. (Honours, General and Major) and B.Mus.
(Honours and General) Courses of Studies conducted by the University of Calcutta. ]

Academic Calendar and Admission Schedule for the Academic Session 2016-2017
To The Principal/Teacher-in-Charge
All the Colleges affiliated to the University of Calcutta
under the jurisdiction of Kolkata Municipal Corporation
[ PC & PNDT Act related awareness activities ]
Schedule of Generation & Distribution of New Students’ Registration Certificates for U.G. Students for the Session 2015-2016
UGC Notification --- Instructions regarding Payment of Fellowship
Notification No. CSR/ 15/16 [New modified Question pattern for B.A. (General) course of study in Sociology]
Regarding: UGC Faculty Development Program
New Revised Syllabus for three-year B.A. (Honours, General & MIL) Courses of Studies in Hindi (academic session 2016-2017)
Circular (C/108 29th February, 2016) --- “The Higher Education Department is requested to arrange separate
toilets for TG (M to F) and (F to M) or modify toilets to suit Transgender community in colleges and universities
and other higher educational institutions”
NOTICE - D.O. N.o. F. 1-3/2007(CPP-II)
Implementation of the national policy on Occupational Safety, Occupational health & the working
(D.O. No. 24-25/2015(CPP-II)
CIRCULAR       Est/379/100A Dated 03.12.2015
CIRCULAR --- To The Principals / Teachers-in-Charge of all the Colleges affiliated to the university
are hereby informed that implementation of Anti Ragging measures prescribed by the University Grant
are now mandatory in nature
To The Principal / Teacher-in-Charge All the Colleges affiliated to the University of Calcutta
Collaboration of University of Calcutta, West Bengal with Spoken Tutorial (ST), IIT Bombay as Knowledge Partner
Government Order ---- RUSA
Notice --- Department of Sports
Form of Application for Outgoing Migration Certificate
To, The Principal
All affiliated Colleges Under Calcutta University.
New Sports Policy, 2015
NOTIFICATION --- C/1039/Circular, Dated 22nd July, 2015
CIRCULAR - Date 9.7.2015
A new Govt. General Degree College for Girls affiliated to the University of Calcutta has started functioning
from the academic session 2015-16
Notification No. CSR/8/15, Dated 09-06-2015
National Overseas Scholarship for Students with Disabilities
Notification --- CSR
ERC PhD studentships --- Roads and the politics of thought: Ethnographic approaches to infrastructure development in South Asia
Indira Gandhi Single Girl Child Scholarship
Employee Data base Template in COSA for Regular DDOs as per Thirteenth Finance Commission (ANNEXURE-V)
Education Loan Scheme of NSKFDC
Medal/Prizes/Scholarships connected with the Matriculation Examinations
Further Revised Notification for Registration Fees
Leave Rules for the re-appointed teachers after 60years with some Corrections
Notification --- Fees for B.Ed. course of study in Self-financing private colleges for the academic session 2014-15
Notice for B.Ed. course
Notification No. CSR/9/14, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
MOU Between the University of Calcutta and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Notice -- Fees for issuing Documents which are original and returned by the respective Colleges/Departments
NOTICE --- No.: CE/ADM/08/14/01
19 CSR Notification and one statute CSR/ST/1/14, dated 12.03.14
Admission Criteria for B.Ed. Course, 2014-15
First volume of ‘Journal of Islamic History and Culture of India’ has been published: Department of Islamic History and Culture
Right to Information (RTI)
Instructions for submitting application for “Academic Transcripts”
Application form for Registration for the Ph.D. Programme
Application Form for obtaining NO OBJECTION CERTIFICATE for Passport/Visa (or for renewal of an old one)
Instructions for to fill-up the Migration Certificate
Duplicate Registration Form
Notice --- Anti-ragging cell
PBAS Proforma for Promotion under Career Advancement Scheme
Notification No. CSR/30/13
Modified Nitifications, No. CSR/26/13 and No. CSR/27/13 Dated 16.9.2013
Notice ---- Sportspersons for joining Post Graduate Courses
Travel Grant Scheme, Research Grant Scheme, Financial Grant for Organizing Conferences/ Seminars ---
Rabindranath Tagore Centre for Human Development Studies (RTCHDS)
Notice for B.Ed course of studies, Academic Session 2014-15
Partial Amendments of three-year B.Com. Hons. & General Syllabuses
Leave rules of the Whole-Time Teachers of Government-Aided colleges (including erstwhile sponsored Colleges) in the State
Revised Syllabus for M.Sc. Course in Physics
Revised Curriculum for B.Ed. Course of Study
List of Students/Scholars awarded Scholarships/Book Prizes/Cash Prizes for outstanding achievements (April 2012- March 2013)
UGC and non-UGC Projects & Scheme
Leave rules applicable for all teachers of Govt.-Aided including erstwhile sponsored colleges in the State,
under the University of Calcutta
Research Fellowships (JRF/SRF) for UGC NET Qualified Students
Formation of the Anti-ragging Committee
Question Pattern of B.Com. Part-III (Hons. & General) Course and the Project Guidelines for B.Com. Part-III (Hons.) Course
Notification No. CSR / 26 / 12 --- Self- inspection of evaluated answer scripts
CIRCULAR --- Centralised Departmental Asset Register
Invites Science and Technology Project Proposals ---- Government of India, Ministry of Mines
UGC -- Circular No. D.O. No. 4-16/2011(IUC)
Notice for Travel Grant Application
For kind Attention of University Teachers, Officers, Education Employees and Students
Notice for Empanelment of Special Tabulator
Notice ---- Discrimination against any community or category of student in Higher Education Institutes
Notice --- Payment of Fellowship under the Scheme Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship for SC/ST candidates
Notice ---- Estate & Trust Department
Notification No. CSR / 08 / 10 --- Councils for Undergraduate Studies
UGC regulations, 2009 on curbing the menace of Ragging in Higher Educational Institutions
Two new Academic Departments established --- a) Genetics, b) Biotechnology