University Halls and Hostel

There are 16 Halls & Hostels under the University of Calcutta providing accommodation to about 1550 students studying in the University Colleges of Arts, Commerce, Science ,Technology and Law and also the Undergraduate students of the colleges as well as men research scholars/fellows of the University. Management of Halls/Hostels is executed by Board of Residence, as advisory body of the University of Calcutta.

List of University Halls/Hostels

SL. No Hostel  Names Address Intake
 1. Carmichael Hall 51, Baithakkhana Road, Kolkata-9 192
 2. Carmichael Hall( Annexed Bldg.) 51, Baithakkhana Road, Kolkata-9 172
 3. U.G. Lady Students’ Hall 17 Radhanath Bose Lane,Kolkata-6 61
 4. P.G. Men Students’ Hall (Economics) 165/1, South Sinthee Road, Kolkata-50 85
 5. P.G. Lady Students’ Hall 24 & 25 Beadon Row, Kolkata-06 84
 6. P.G. Lady Students’ Hall 56 & 58 M.G. Road, Kolkata-09 53
 7. P.G. Men Students’ Hall 1, Vidyasagar Street, Kolkata-09 141
 8. New Law College Hostel 14, Bidhan Sarani, Kolkata-06 91
 9. Research Scholars’ Hostel 92, APC Road, Kolkata-9 29
10. P.G. Men Students’ Hall 7, Waliullah Lane, Kolkata-16 47
11. P.G. Men Students’ Hall 49/1, Hazra Road, Kolkata-19 150
12. P.G. Men Students’ Hall (Technology) 35, Ballygunge Circular Road, Kolkata-19 75
13. Vidyasagar Chhatriniwas Hastings House Compound,Alipore,Kolkata-27 50
14. Hironmoyee Chhatri bhaban 53/2/4A, Hazra Road, Kolkata-19 109
15. P.G. Lady Students’ Hall Hastings House Compound,Alipore,Kolkata-27 120
16. New Lady Students’ Hall Hastings House Compound,Alipore,Kolkata-27  72

The Carmichael Hall is reserved for Muslim students only ( both undergraduate and post graduate students). The undergraduate Halls namely i) Vidyasagar Chhatrinivas is attached to the Viharilal Home Science Campus and ii) U.G.Lady Students’ Hall is open to lady students of any University of Calcutta affiliated college in the city of Kolkata which has no hostel of its own. Only paid research scholars of the University conducting male research work leading to a doctoral degree are eligible for Research Scholars’ Hostel.”