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Department of Pure Mathematics


Year of Establishment : 1912

History of the department : Since its inception in 1912, the Department of Pure Mathematics has always been a Department of appreciation by its quality of teaching and level of research.  A galaxy of Mathematicians has adorned the Department all the time; men like Prof. Young, Prof. Forsyth, Prof. Ganesh Prasad, Prof. S. D. Mukherjee, Prof. F. W. Levi and many others enhanced the prestige of the Department by their valuable teaching and research.  It is interesting to note that the first lecturer appointed by the University for teaching Mathematics was Mr. C. Little for 1907 – 1909; in fact for a long time appointments in the University was on contract basis. Next to Mr. Little was Mr. D. N. Mallick for 1908 and 1909 respectively for teaching both Mathematics and Physics; the first reader for teaching Mathematics was Mr. C. E. Cullis who was given appointment for 1909 and 1910. It is interesting again to note that the first two posts of Professors were created in 1912 – one for Mathematics and another for Indian History and Antiquities; at that time the Governor of West Bengal was Lord Hardinge who was himself a distinguished graduate of Mathematics which is why the first Professorship of Mathematics was named ‘Hardinge Professor of Higher Mathematics’; this chair was first offered, for a period of three years, to Prof. M. Frechet whose researches in the field of Pure Mathematics still astound us; unfortunately, for some unavoidable circumstances, Prof. Frechet could not join; but he was kind enough to recommend Dr. W. H. Young, Lecturer of Higher Analysis at the University of Liverpool and sometimes Fellow of Peter House, Cambridge for the said Professorship. Thus the first Hardinge Professor of Higher Mathematics, to be associated with the Department of Pure Mathematics was Dr. W. H. Young; the name ‘Department of Pure Mathematics’ came in 1912 and the Department was blessed with the leadership of a man like Prof. Young whose researches have enriched the field of Analysis and many of his theorems go without any name in the current books of the said subject.
The first Indian teacher of Pure Mathematics with International accolades was Prof. S. D.Mukherjee whose works in Geometry derive appreciation even now. The Department of Pure Mathematics can boast of its predecessors who have set up such a qualitative pattern that the progeny feels inspired. The Department feels pride for the Geometers, like Dr. S. D. Mukherjee, Dr. R. N. Sen, Dr. M. C. Chaki and others; Analysts, like Dr. W. H. Young, Dr. Ganesh Prasad, Dr. Haridas Bagchi, Dr. H. M. Sengupta, Dr. N. C. Bose Majumdar, Dr. P. L. Ganguly and others; Algebraists like Dr. F. W. Levi, Dr. R. C. Bose, Dr. S. S. Pillai, Dr. B. C. Chatterjee, Dr. A. C. Chowdhury, Dr. S. P. Bandyopadhyay and other luminaries in the field of other branches of Mathematics as well.
Along with the vigorous activity in research, the Department does also excel in teaching for almost a century; the Department can live up to the expectations of serious students all the time and in all the days to come. The department has gradually developed a culture of exchanging mathematical ideas through organizing seminars as well as continuous interaction among the faculty members, research scholars and students. The department’s regular curriculum includes special interactive classes for preparing the students to take various competitive examinations. These interactions certainly enhance their ability for solving problems and make them more confident to bag awards and honours at ease. We proudly announce that our initiative is being rewarded every year by the growing trend of success and the consistent academic achievements of our students. The achievements include –

  1. qualifying for Fellowship and/or Lectureship in CSIR-UGC NET, GATE, NBHM;
  2. securing admission in various elite institutes of our country for pursuing higher studies, such as, IISc, IISER, IIT, ISI, etc.;
  3. success in job exams and interviews.

The result of this initiative is reflected through the following statistics.

Academic Achievements of the Recently Pass out and Current Students :
Name of All India Examination 2016 (No. of Successful Students) 2017 (No. of Successful Students) 2018 (Till July 2018)
(No. of Successful Students)
  1. June, 2016 : 15
  2. December, 2016 : 19
  1. June, 2017 : 12
  2. December, 2017 : 22
Result Awaited
Entrance Examinations for Indian Premier  Research Institutes
  1. Tata Institute for Fundamental Research (TIFR) : 1 (JRF)
  2. Indian Statistical Institute (ISI) : 4 (JRF),
  3. Indian Statistical Institute (ISI) : 1 (M.Tech. in Computer Science)
  1. Harish Chandra Research Institute (HRI) : 1 (JRF)
  2. Indian Statistical Institute (ISI) : 3 (JRF),
  3. Indian Statistical Institute (ISI) : 1 (M.Tech. in Computer Science)
  4. IIT, KGP M.Tech : 1
  1. Research Institute (HRI) : 1 (JRF)
  2. Indian Statistical Institute (ISI) : 2 (JRF),
  3. Indian Statistical Institute (ISI) : 3 (M.Tech. in Cryptography)
  4. IIMSc: 2
  5. IISc Bangalore: 1
  6. IISER Pune: 1
  7. IISER Kol: 2
  8. IIT, KGP M.Tech : 2
  9. IIT, Ghw: 1
National Board for Higher Mathematics
  1. Scholarship for MSc : 3
  2. Scholarship for PhD : 1
  1. Scholarship for MSc : 3
  2. Scholarship for PhD : 3
  1. Scholarship for MSc : 6
  2. Scholarship for PhD : 7
GATE 12 5 21
TCS (campus recruitment) 3 3  
Other Examinations  
  1. W.B.C.S. (Exe.) - 1
  2. Probationary Officer (Canara Bank) - 1
  3. IBPS Punjab National Bank - 1
  4. R.B.I. Asstt. Gr. - 1
  5. Officer Scale I in Bangiya Gramin Vikas Bank - 1
  6. Officer Asstt. Zoological Society of India - 1
  1. Assistant Mistress (through P.S.C) - 1
  2. C.A. in Indian Railway - 1
  3. A.S.M in Indian Railway - 2

Departmental Journal :
A research journal of the department “Journal of Pure Mathematics” with ISSN 2277-355X is being published annually by the University of Calcutta for a pretty long time; the 1st volume was published in 1981 and the latest volume is numbered 31.  The Editorial Board of the Journal is a conglomeration of reputed mathematicians, and many applauded articles have so far been published during the last 35 years or so.  The department is now in the process of converting the journal to an electronic one with online system for submission and reviewing process.

Departmental Library :

  1. The departmental library is a very old one --- having a history of more than a century. The stalwarts who headed the department since 1912 spared no pains to collect the contemporary books of mathematics available in the international market at that time.
  2. As days have passed on, the library has been enriched continuously and gradually. In addition to the help of the University, we are getting the valuable help from NBHM (National Board of Higher Mathematics) every year.
  3. Finally it can be remarked that the library is a rich one, can be utilized by researchers having interest in multivarious directions.

Teaching support & Facilities :
Department has  well equipped Seminar Room & e-Class Room with Digital Interactive Smart Board, audio-visual aid and computers. The Department has two well equipped computer laboratories with a number of PCs hosting several software packages, and linked through a Local Area Network (LAN). Internet services (both LAN and Wi-Fi) are available to the students, research scholars and faculties.
A Curriculum Development Cell functioning within the department is very active in organizing different programs for the students within our regular curriculum, such as programs for developing e-learning skills, tutorials and interactive sessions for the preparation of different competitive examinations, job awareness program, career counselling etc.


Faculty members :

Name Designation Area of specialization Email Phone Number
Regular Faculty :
Dr. Ashok Kumar Das Professor Graph Theory & Combinatorics. ashokdas.cu@gmail. com  
Dr. Dhananjoy Mandal Associate Professor Set-Topology & Fuzzy Topology dmandal.cu@gmail.com
Dr. Sandip Jana Assistant Professor Functional Analysis, Topology sjpm@caluniv.ac.in

Dr. Avishek Adhikari Assistant Professor Applications of Algebra, Cryptography, Cryptanalysis of Stream Ciphers and Block Ciphers, Secret Sharing, DNA Cryptography, Visual Cryptography, Algebraic Graph Theory http://www.isical.ac.in/~avishek_r
Dr. Sunil Kumar Maity Assistant Professor Abstract Algebra sskmaity@gmail.com  
Dr. Atasi Deb Ray Assistant Professor & HOD Topology & Fuzzy Topology debrayatasi@gmail.com
Dr. Pradip Majhi Assistant Professor Differential Geometry mpradipmajhi@gmail.com
Dr. Suparna Sen Assistant Professor Harmonic Analysis sspm@caluniv.ac.in  


Programme Level of study Eligibility Intake capacity
M.Sc. P.G B.Sc.(Hons.) in Mathematics 70
M.Phil. P.G. M.Sc. about 6
Ph.D.(Sc) Research
To view and download the M.Sc. Syllabus (w.e.f. 2017) click here
To view and download the M.Sc. Syllabus under CBCS System (w.e.f. 2018) click here


Research scholars :

Sl. Name Broad Area of Research Name of the Supervisor e-mail id.
1 Atanu Mondal Topology Dr. Atasi Deb Ray mail.atanu12@yahoo.com
2 Debabrata Kar Geometry Dr. Pradip Majhi debabratakar6@gmail.com
3 Dipankar Dey General Topology Dr. Dhananjoy Mandal dipankar.dey2008@gmail.com
4 Gargi Giri Fuzzy Topology Prof. Manabendra Nath Mukherjee gargigiri1@gmail.com
5 Gopal Ghosh Geometry Prof. Uday Chand De ghoshgopal.pmath@gmail.com
6 Jayanta Ghosh Algebra Dr. Dhananjoy Mandal ghoshjay_04@yahoo.com
7 Jyotirmoy Pramanik Cryptography Dr. Avishek Adhikari jyotirmoy.pramanik2@gmail.com
8 Manik Das General Topology Dr. Dhananjoy Mandal manikdascu@gmail.com
9 Md Aquib Javed Topology Dr. Atasi Deb Ray aquibjaved1993@gmail.com
10 Md Kutubuddin Sardar Cryptography Dr. Avishek Adhikari kutub.pmath@gmail.com
11 Monika Paul Algebra Dr. Sunil Kumar Maity paulmonika007@gmail.com
12 Moumita Bhattacharyya Ordinary Differential Equations Prof. Jayasri Sett bhuniamoumita@gmail.com
13 Nandan Ghosh Geometry Prof. Manjusha Majumdar ghosh1989nandanmath@gmail.com
14 Prakash Mukherjee General Topology Prof. Manabendra Nath Mukherjee prakashmukherjee25@gmail.com
15 Prithwiraj Halder Functional Analysis Dr. Sandip Jana halderprithwiraj@gmail.com
16 Priti Sharma Functional Analysis Dr. Sandip Jana mspriti23@gmail.com
17 Rajkamal Sahu Graph Theory Dr. Ashok Kumar Das rajkamalmath@gmail.com
18 Sagarmoy Bag General Topology Dr. Dhananjoy Mandal sagarmoy.bag01@gmail.com
19 Samir Biswas Abstract Algebra Dr. Sunil Kumar Maity samir_biswas123@rediffmail.com
20 Sanjay Roy Soft Topology Dr. Dhananjoy Mandal sanjaypuremath@gmail.com
21 Santanu Debnath Harmonic Analysis Dr. Suparna Sen santanudebnath1804@gmail.com
22 Sarani Chakrabarty Differential Geometry of Manifolds Prof. Manjusha Majumdar sarani121179@yahoo.co.in
23 Somasree Banerjee Graph Theory Dr. Ashok Kumar Das somasreebanerjee@gmail.com
24 Sourav Makhal Geometry Dr. Dhananjoy Mandal sou.pmath@gmial.com
25 Subarsha Banerjee Algebra, Graph Theory Dr. Avishek Adhikari subarshabnrj@gmail.com
26 Sugata Adhya General Topology Dr. Atasi Deb Ray sugataadhya@yahoo.com
27 Sunanda Sinha Chakraborty General Topology Prof. Manabendra Nath Mukherjee sunandahooghly@gmail.com
28 Swapan Samanta Algebra & Topology Dr. Sandip Jana samantapmju@gmail.com

Post-Doc Fellow :

Sl. Name Broad Area of Research Name of the Mentor e-mail id.
1 Sourav Dutta Symmetry Analysis and Cosmology Prof. Manjusha Majumdar sduttaju@gmail.com
2 Sudipta Purkait Algebra Prof. Tapan Kumar Dutta sanuiitg@gmail.com

Women Scientist Scheme-A :

Sl. Name Broad Area of Research Name of the Mentor e-mail id.
1 Purbita Jana Mathematical Logic Prof. Mihir K. Chakraborty purbita_presi@yahoo.co.in

Projects :

Project title Funding agency Principal investigator Duration Budget
E-Pathsala/E-content at PG Level in MATHEMATICS UGC, Ministry of Human Resources, Govt. of India Prof. M.Majumdar 2014 – Feb, 2017 Rs. 1 Crore 12 Lakhs
Constructions and Analysis of Some Secret Sharing Schemes and Their Applications Using Mathematical and Statistical Tools National Board of Higher Mathematics (NBHM), Department of Atomic Energy, Government of India Dr. A.Adhikari 3 years from January, 2014 Rs. 11,51,500/-
Computational Aspects of Mathematical Design and Analysis of Secure Communication Systems Based on Cryptographic Primitives India-Japan Science Council supported by DST-JSPS Science and Technology Program in collaboration with Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata and Kyushu University, Japan.  Dr. Adhikari (Co-investigator of the Joint Research Project) 2014-2016 Rs. 6.16 lakhs
Investigation of some problems of set-topology in wider settings UGC sponsored Research Project Dr. D.Mandal 2012-2014 Rs. 1.7 Lakh
MOOC-SWAYAM in MATHEMATICS M.H.R.D. Project, Govt. of India Prof. M.Majumdar From October, 2016 Rs. 1 Crore 28 Lakhs

Thrust areas in teaching and research of the department :

  • General Topology & Fuzzy Topology
  • Rings of Continuous Functions
  • Functional Analysis
  • Topological Algebraic Structures
  • Differential Geometry of Manifolds and Theory of Relativity
  • Graph Theory & Combinatorics
  • Algebraic Graph Theory
  • Cryptography, Cryptanalysis,  DNA-Cryptography, Combinatorial Design
  • Harmonic Analysis
  • Semigroup and Semiring theory


Campus : Tarak Nath Palit Shiskha Prangan (Ballygunge Science College)

Address for communication :
Department of Pure Mathematics
University of Calcutta, (7th Floor)
35, Ballygunge Circular Road
Kolkata – 700019
e-mail : hodpure.math@gmail.com