Department of Biochemistry, Biotechnology and Microbiology in University of Calcutta act as premier centres for higher learning and are proud to be the academic home for thousands of successful academicians in the nation. Founded in 2011, the DBTCU-IPLS programme brings together faculty and researchers from these Departments to facilitate collaboration among diverse scientific disciplines. Faculty members with diverse backgrounds like Physics, Chemistry, and Lifesciences regrouped themselves to undertake research on three emerging areas of lifescience like

The IPLS program has created an interdepartmental home for ongoing research and teaching activities of the participating members. The interdepartmental interactions have regularised in the form of faculty seminars held every month. These seminars radically opened up development as knowledge flows in multiple directions amongst people with diverse professional training, experience and knowledge base. They provide a different perspective on everything and it looks like a small group of thinking partners who aren’t echo chambers. More significantly, these inspirations are percolating to scholars and students of the member depts.

The establishment of the IPLS program has also significantly improved the quality of the human resource that is generated by these departments. We had a thorough upgradation of student laboratories in the participating departments to achieve an enriching nexus between research, learning and teaching.

The programme was conceived with a vision to fuel cutting edge research in the University. This vision leans largely on the infrastructural proficiency of the centre. The Core Facility has a state of the art ‘imaging’ centre and a ‘proteomics’ facility is also upcoming. These facilities not only support the participating departments, but also provides services to all other departments of CU as well as neighbouring Institutes. Services rendered are transparent, accountable and effective and we wish to continue the mission.

Maitrayee DasGupta
Professor, Department of Biochemistry
Coordinator DBT-CU-IPLS